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Lady Mary – The Queen Of Angels

Lady Mary


The reason why we reincarnate here on earth is for us to be able to learn karmic lessons and then evolve spiritually. After completely undergoing the cycle of reincarnation, we then have two choices before us. To take a completely new path of experience on another planet or we can decide to stay on earth as ascended masters, such as Lady Mary, for us to offer help and guidance to humankind.


By the time we get to this advanced level, one cannot decide according to their personal likes and dislikes. One will be influenced by what they know is the right thing to do. Lady Mary is a serving master on the fifth ray. This is the ray of healing, abundance, vision, and truth. The color associated with the vibrations of this ray is emerald green. It is also the ray of medicine, science, supply, and abundance.


Lady Mary, who is the mother of Jesus, comes from the angelic realm. She is the twin flame of Archangel Raphael. She comes with great power and authority, and this makes her a complete fit for the person who gave birth to the Saviour of the world.


The Mother Flame

The life of this world places people into different sectors and fields of work. As human beings, trying to make a living and the best of our lives here on earth, we tend to master the details of the sectors we are in. In so doing, God, through His mother aspect, corresponds to the mother universe.


This is then the time to invoke the mother flame. It will help us to accomplish anything that we do here on earth. We only have one reason for being, and that is to help people and to glorify God. For us to know how to get things done, we only have to ask Mary. Her master strength will manifest before you far beyond the narrative other people have that she is just a woman who was called to give birth to Jesus.

The Mind of Lady Mary

Lady Mary has marvelous talents in very many areas of life. She covers all the fields in this human life, and her main work is to teach humans how to come up with the best goals and implement them. She has the expertise and understanding of many fields, and this makes her mind vast beyond comprehension.

This master fits in our present-day modern world. Today we find women who are empowered, liberated, tough, modern, and full of energy. Fine women are determined to fight and push for various positive causes on earth. With the skills and knowledge that Lady Mary possesses, she can give back to humanity and fulfill the will of God while at it.

Lady Mary: Friend, Companion, and Healer

Although she ranks high in the divine realm, we humans need to take her as a friend, companion, mother, and sister. With her tremendous God-consciousness, she can really be of great help to us. We should not put her in a situation where she becomes an idol, and we end up worshipping her.

But we should know her as having accomplished a lot and attained high standing in heaven. As the mother of Jesus, she stood her ground and held the light during his entire mission here on earth.

Master Lady Mary is also here to assist and give love to all mothers, ladies who seek to be mothers, and to the children who are new incarnates on earth. During periods of pain and suffering, she brings help and offers love and hope to humans. Women in leadership positions who want to bring equity in a loving and balanced way can call on her support. The female energy and leadership will be able to bring peace and balance to the earth.

We have all sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. Mary provides healing to other people and us. She brings liberation, especially to the Christian world. This is because Christianity is so much divided, rendering it ineffective. People are suffering in many nations, facing wars, natural calamities, diseases, and starvation. Mary carries the sorrow of these people as they pray and call on her.

lady mary

Lady Mary: Conclusion

At a point in life, when we desire to get healing, we should call on Mary. We will be able to shine the light of truth in our dark situations. She can help us attain financial stability and provide in abundance for our families. This will enable us to serve others.

The energies of Lady Mary are open to all genders. Humans, both male, and female can feel her love and compassion. We live in an age where gender does not determine status. We all yearn for fairness, balance, and love for all as we live our purpose on the earth.

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