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Lady Leto – Teacher Of The Young People

Lady Leto


Lady Leto is one of the Ascended Masters out there. Lady Leto is from the Ancient House of India, where Ascended Masters serve in the Cave of Light. The Cave of Light focuses a lot of its light on the earth. She is an Ascended Master teacher who specializes in young people. She works with youths to ensure that they achieve their ascension at an early age.


Lady Leto is also known as the Chohan of the Fourth Secret Ray. Her twin flame is Djwhal Kuhl. She ascended more than three hundred and eighty years ago. Leto teaches people how to leave the outer physical body and re-enter the same at will. She also instructs in Divine Alchemy. She plays a major role in assisting humankind in regulating their emotional bodies.


Lady Leto’s retreat is the retreat of the Master of Paris. She works with children who have accepted to become servers of the Divine Plan. She works to ensure that we learn how to leave our bodies and reenter them when we want. Leaving our physical bodies exposes us to the etheric realms, where we experience lots of things, unlike in the physical world.


Lady Leto: Insight

Many people believe that Lady Leto surrounds us with an invisibility cloak that protects us from the discord of the outside world. She works to ensure that we experience peace in our lives, even amid conflicts and war. During the Incan civilization, Leto brought about great advances in science because she understood well the spiritual laws behind every manifestation.


Some people believe that she was a Chinese Mystic and an Atlantean scientist. She appears with a purple sacred flame tinged with gold. Leto works on the Platinum Ray of Enlightenment and with Lady Portia on the Gold Ray. She resonates with the crystals Ametrine and Amethyst. She also carries with her the violet heart in support of St. Germain.

Lady Leto’s ability to teach us how to leave out physical body’s at night helps us to work in our Ascended Master’s ashram during the night while our physical bodies are asleep. Her incarnations in the past relate to developments in science and healing.

Lady Leto’s Role in Our Lives

Lady Leto has been of service to humankind for more than three hundred years. Her incarnations have been recorded in history. It is believed that sometime back during a plague, Leto released The Cosmic Healing Flame, and after a few days, the plague was halted.

Many people believe that Lady Leto has an affinity with Scotland and Europe. The fragrance of Heather often reveals her presence. She comes to us to help us understand how to help small children. She wants us to support all the children in the world through learning and love. Leto also helps us to appreciate her teachings.

To invoke Lady Leto, you need to burn violet or purple candles. In 2012, Leto was raised to the office of the World Teacher. This is the first time that the seat has been held by a Lady Ascended Master. You can call upon her to bring light into your life so that you can get in touch with your higher self.

lady leto

Lady Leto: Conclusion

The heart of Lady Leto comprises of the variations of Green. She works closely with other Ascended Masters to ensure that universal love thrives. She is mostly concerned with the welfare of children. Leto aims to ensure that every child succeeds and becomes better.

Her work with young people is commendable. She protects us from harm and gives us the strength and wisdom to overcome challenges and face our enemies head-on. Her presence in our lives is a blessing.

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