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Serapis Bey – The Chohan Of The Fourth Ray

Serapis Bey


Serapis Bey is the Master of Sacred Mystery Schools in all realms. He is the Chohan of the 4th ray. The 4th ray is the White ray of harmony through conflict and disagreements. He helps us with the healing of our mental body. All healers must seek the guidance and assistance of this ascended master.

This ascended master works to ensure that we maintain healthy personal and professional relationships with people. He mostly appears to us dressed in a white robe. At times he wears a white headdress or shows up in dark hair. His aura has energy spirals of entwining white and gold. Currently, he is working with the Cosmin Master, Mahakala. He also works closely with Lady Nada.

Serapis Bey: Insight

Serapis Bey holds the ascension door open in the etheric realms in Luxor in Egypt. It is believed that in 1417-1379 BC, he was the Egyptian Pharaoh, Amenhotep III. He was referred to by the Egyptians as the magnificent. Serapis Bey brought Egypt to the height of abundance, prosperity, peace, and diplomatic prestige. He commissioned the construction of the temple of Luxor.

In 480 BC, he reincarnated as Leonidas, King of Sparta. He was also a high priest in the Ascension Temple in Atlantis for so many years. In the 19th Century, he worked with the founder of the Theosophical Society, Madame Blavatsky. History records that Serapis Bey ascended in 400 BC.

He works to bring peace on earth. He averts wars between nations and brings peace and harmony to conflicting parties. This ascended master works to ensure that we see the light within us. He offers us advice on how to take care of our bodies physically to ensure that we enjoy good health. He also helps us work on our spiritual and emotional wellbeing.

Serapis Bey’s Role in Our Lives

Master Serapis is a Lord of Karma that sits on the Karmic Board. He assists all souls that seek to find enlightenment and understand the greater mysteries of life. He offers a deep connection to the mystery of God-consciousness that resides in each of us. Serapis Bey encourages us to embrace the unknown mysteries of life as they unfold.

It is believed the Serapis Bey is originally from Venus. He is the Keeper of the White Flame. He works closely with Archangel Chamuel on the ray of compassion. Serapis Bey is the only ascended master that works with the Seraphim. Some people believe that this ascended master has reincarnated as the Pharaohs of Egypt Amenophis and Akhenaton V.

Serapis Bey

This ascended master is the Master of Divine Truth. He is direct and straightforward in his approach to humankind. Serapis Bey can see through all the negative things that try to hide Divine Truth from the people under his influence who seek enlightenment.

Serapis Bey: Conclusion

Call upon Serapis Bey when you want to know more about yourself and Divine truths. He will assist you to work deeply and closely with the Holy Spirit. He will also help you connect with your higher self-consciousness. When you truly want to embrace the mystery of God in your life, call on him, and he will guide you.

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Serapis can see past your stories and guide you in the right direction. He wants you to live a godly life and profess the love of God in your life.


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