Thursday, June 24, 2021

Abundandta – The Ascended Master Of Abundance



As human beings, we undergo so many challenges on this earth. But each time we seek divine intervention from God. Through prayers, we do believe that no prayer is ignored or denied before God. In order for God to do his work perfectly, He has his coworkers, including archangels and ascended masters such as Abundandta. Have you ever come across the term ascended master? This term is very common when it comes to things to do with spiritual matters, energy healing, and ascension.

Ascended Masters are beings that were once human just like all of us. Their physical body no longer exists. They can easily relate to the frustrations that human beings undergo. The ascended masters are very much knowledgeable for us to tap bits of wisdom from them. Since they were here physically and experienced the limitations and are now part of the great power of higher dimensions, they perfectly link the two.

The divine realm indicates that the ascended masters will work with each of us, giving us guidance as they initiate us for ascension. To link up with them, you just look at your situation and mention the being’s name while either singing or doing your prayer. God has sent them to enact His plan of peace here on earth. The name Abundandta can be translated to mean abundance. He is the ascended master of abundance.

Abundandta’s Guidance to Attaining Prosperity

Abundandta can give you great business judgment. A lot of people get into business without really knowing what is in store for them. They either run the business on losses or the business ends up collapsing.

Abundandta is here to guide you on how to select a good business venture and how to project its future outcome. This will give you an easy time while running your business and help you shed off negative energy that comes with stress.

He can make you have a very sharp mind. Having a conscious mind is everyone’s wish. Sharp minded people make sharp decisions. God does not want us to be foolish so He gives us Abundandta to keep us alert always. This can be very helpful to you, especially at the workplace where you need to make key decisions.

Abundandta can lead you to attain a high sense of responsibility because being responsible will make your life worth living here on earth. Careless living is a waste of God’s gift to you. We will all account for the talents and gifts that God has given us in heaven. Abundandta can also help you appreciate the good things of this life.

Abundandta Can Help Us Appreciate Home and Family

Have you ever had a long day either at work or in your day to day entanglements and wish to just get home for some rest? Abundandta tells us that a peaceful home is a blessed home. A good home and a good family means a great deal to us. You should work to ensure that your home is secure, peaceful, and settled. This environment can make you enjoy the companionship of your family and friends. Children grow up to appreciate the gift of family in a peaceful home.

He reminds us to love our families endlessly. They are the people who bring the best out of us. A partner in marriage is like a pillar that holds you to stand strong. This ascended master reminds us to respect our partners and always take their views into consideration.

He will also assist you to be capable of assuming your responsibilities in the home. You will have the confidence to come up with your own opinions and take a stand while making decisions.


Your family should be able to rely on you. To them when you give your word they expect you to do your best to fulfill your responsibility. Abundandta walking with you will help you shine in your family and fit in your shoes. Admiration comes your way if you are able to hold your end of the bargain.

Abundandta: Conclusion

Abundandta warns us against making a habit out of being independent in our thinking, at all times. He tells us that it should not be difficult for us to accept help from others at a time we need it.

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Due to the strong sense of responsibility, Abundandta can help you not to get worried. Worriedness will only make you experience mental turmoil.

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