Friday, June 25, 2021

Vywamus – A Spiritual Guide To Light-Workers



Vywamus helps lightworkers to discover their life purpose and teaches them how to awaken their spiritual gifts and inner power. In this earthly life, we face mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual troubles. This master can help us attain healing by guiding us through a very loving and compassionate process. In helping lightworkers, he makes them face their shadows. By doing this, he illuminates them with light.

Vywamus’ appearance

Vywamus always appears during meditation. Whenever you are meditating, be it at home, following a film for guided meditation, or even in your meditation groups, he will appear. He will show up consistently the same way. Vywamus appears to be over 50 years old. He is tall and slender. He appears with a page-boy hairstyle that is shoulder length and white. This ascended master has a blue and white long robe. He also has a clean-shaven face, a small sharp nose, and gentle small-set eyes.

Connecting with Vywamus

This ascended master is electrical. He is represented by the color blue. When connecting with him, you will feel a burning in your hands, arms, or legs. You will also be in a position to feel like electricity is moving through you. You will see the color electrical blue or have a sense of flying. Don’t worry because all this time, you will be safe because your body is electromagnetic. But you can also ask the process to be made physically comfortable for you.

Start by closing your eyes and concentrating on your breath. Focus within yourself. Have an image of you bringing a cloud of electrical blue from the universe. Add to the cloud, some white and some soft pink to look good. Let the blue cloud cover you and completely. Do not rush this process and allow yourself to feel wrapped in the electrical blue cloud.

After you feel that you are ready, call on Vywamus. For example, you can say, “Teacher Vywamus, I am open to channel your energy. Please give me guidance.” You are then free to talk to him and ask any questions that you wish. Just remember that Vywamus is a highly evolved spiritual teacher and does not work as a psychic.


Vywamus: Conclusion

Teachers of the new age assert that Vywamus is a higher-self of Sanat Kumara. He is very wise and a high-frequency universal being. He is excellent in how he communicates, putting attention on the energy of laughter, joy, and self-love.

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If you call on him, he will help you evolve and lift your mind to higher consciousness. By helping humankind, he raises their vibration in preparation for the ascension process.

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