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Quan Yin – The Goddess Of Compassion And Mercy

Quan Yin


Quan Yin is also referred to as the Goddess of Compassion and the Bodhisattva of Mercy. She is a master of the Third Ray. This is the pink ray of unconditional love. Are you fighting internal and external battles in your life? She will help you. She is a great healer and also works with healers to bring wellness to the emotional body. Her divine quality is mercy, forgiveness, and compassion. Master Quan Yin is a member of the Karmic board on this planet.

If you are fighting internal battles within, you just call on her, and she will come to help you drop your emotional baggage. In the process of your meditation, Master Quan Yin will appear to you in the form of the swan, the lotus, and the hexagon. If you have the portal print, you will feel wonderful with her sending her energy all through your room. You can also receive her energy directly into the chakras by just placing the portal card on a chakra.

Quan Yin: Hearer of Sounds

The Master’s name Quan Yin means “Hearer of Sounds.” She has a full name which is Quan Shih Yin, which also means “Hearer of the World’s Sounds.” Before entering heaven, she stood at the edge and heard humankind crying. This made her come back to earth to give help to those who are suffering. In Asia, she is trusted to help those who faithfully call on her while in trouble.

For those whose paths are full of obstacles, she helps get rid of them. Some people have past offenses; she can erase them if they faithfully call on her. This master is also in a position to give healing, mercy, and spiritual graces. It is so wonderful and amazing that she can meet the inner needs of the soul for humankind.

A lot of people struggle in life to make ends meet, and no one can help them except God the Almighty. When people come to God for help, it is Master Quan Yin who will plead their case in the Violet Flame as mercy, love, and forgiveness. This gives people another chance to hold on to the hand of God. With this master on their side, God will intervene in their lives. They will receive miracles, and their feeling of unworthiness will disappear.

Quan Yin: Bodhisattva of Compassion

Bodhisattva of Compassion is one of her many names. Bodhisattva has meaning in that Bodhi means “enlightenment,” and sattva means “existence” or “reality.” Quan Yin is giving compassionate and loving service to humankind. She is so enlightened and has decided to forgo full liberation and higher realms for her to help those still struggling here on earth.

Many of us are still struggling, and we don’t understand why we have not received the blessings of our own God. We don’t know why the ascended masters have not yet lightened our ways for us to see what lies in the future. Ascended Master Quan Yin speaks to us in a solemn tone assuring us that the ascended masters are with us. They have cleared our human troubles for us to see and have the consciousness that the love of God and His presence offers. All we need to do is to make room for God.

Quan Yin

Presence of God

As a human being, what will make you have the presence of God wherever you go or in whatever you do? Do you have the right vibration while singing, praying, and meditating to God? Quan Yin is telling you to allow the threefold flame of your heart to unfold and dispel all the doom that has taken up space in your life. She is calling on you to make your spine straight. Mother flame will go through the spinal altar, and the light of God will brighten your affairs to end all your burdens.

Bend your knees before your altar; allow your outer troubles to be swallowed up in the presence of God. Pursuing the illumination flame will help you exercise wisdom. Sacrifice of love will constantly flow from your heart. Joy and peace will come your way. You will have a vibration that will heal, illuminate, prosper, and ultimately give you peace.

Allow Quan Yin to help you repeat this process every day. Do not relent. You will start to understand the importance of surrendering yourself constantly to the presence of God. Make it a habit to allow your thoughts, emotions, and actions to be filled with your good works. The ascended masters will not be far from you as you bring yourself closer to God.

Quan Yin: Conclusion

Master Quan Yin promises a flame to those human beings on earth who don’t feel the love of God in their lives no matter what they do. They do not feel like their brothers and sisters have love for them. They have been hurt, they no longer have trust, they lost faith and have decided that they will do things their way. She also promises a flame to those who shout a lot to release their anger.

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Quan Yin reminds us that if we have a goal to unite with God, then we need to live like God. We should be compassionate, loving, and merciful beings of light. In this path, we will have peace in our souls and a lot of joy in our hearts. A life full of peace and joy is everyone’s desire. We only have to make a choice.

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