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Lady Venusea – The Goddess Of Love

Lady Venusea


Lady Venusea is also known as Lady Master Venus. She is Sanat Kumara’s Twin flame. They are both from Venus. During Sanat’s exile on earth, she remained on Venus to keep the God Flame there. In 1956, Sanat Kumara returned to Venus, and after some years, Lady Venusea came to earth as well.

Lady Venusea came to earth to assist Sanat’s evolutions. In 1975, she stated that as Sanat had kept the flame of Christ’s consciousness for the earth, she has come now to ‘tarry for a time of Terra’ to dedicate a new the fires of the Mother. She wanted to see how humans will respond to the flame of the mother as they responded to the light of Sanat Kumara.

Lady Venusea: Insight

In 1977, Sanat Kumara joined Lady Master Venus on earth, and they continued with their work of bringing light to the world. They work to ensure that the Holy Spirit is accepted by many.

Lady Venusea advocates for universal love. She wants us to love God wholeheartedly as He loves us. She encourages everyone in everything that they do to speak of God’s love that is great and forgiving. Venusea advocates for humankind to understand that the highest love is God’s love.

God is life; therefore, as human beings, we are not in charge of our lives. She calls unto us to receive God into our lives and live according to His will. The greatest power of all in the world is God’s power of love. Lady Venusea helps us to realize that when we accept God’s love into our lives, there is nothing that we cannot handle or do in this world.

Lady Venusea’s Role in Our Lives

Venusea wants us to work on our spiritual life so that we can have a great connection and bond with God. Do not focus too much on material things that you forget about living a responsible and fulfilling life. Serve God first, and all other things will be given to you.

Trust in God’s flame and allow the same to make positive changes in your life. Love is the greatest gift of all gifts; therefore, you need to nurture it. Do not be selfish with love. The moment you are selfish with love, you have no room for God in your life.

To continue to be a son or daughter of God, you need to determine the kind of love that you want in your life. Unconditional and unbiased love will take you places. Lady Venusea works together with Kumara with the lifestreams upon the earth. Love enables us to understand the pure nature of God. The lack of love is what leads to war and conflicts among God’s people.

Lady Venusea: Conclusion

Lady Venusea is referred to as the Goddess of love. She ensures that love thrives in places that people thought were incapable of love.

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Lady Venusea opens humankind’s hearts and minds to receive love from everyone in order to live in peace, unity, and harmony. She pours out the pure Heart of God to humankind.

Lady Venusea

If you allow God to shine His light upon your life, you will have proper control of all the aspects of your life without worrying about the things that you have no control over.

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