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chinese horoscope 2024

Chinese Horoscope 2024 – The Year Of The Green Wood Dragon

Chinese Horoscope 2024 For The 12 Animal Signs

SunSigns.Org has come out with the Chinese Horoscope 2024 for the Year of the Green Wood Dragon. The year begins on February 10, 2024, and ends on January 28th, 2025. The Chinese astrology predictions will give an idea about the events that will influence the 12 Chinese zodiacs during the year. It covers the various phases of life, such as romance, finance, career, family, and well-being.


Chinese Horoscope 2024 for the 12 zodiacs, namely, the Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, and Pig are given below. You can also read about 2024 Feng Shui predictions as well for the upcoming Chinese New Year.


Rat 2024

rat chinese horoscope 2024

The Rat will have a fabulous time during year of the dragon. He or she can progress in his career by improving his proficiency through advanced training. Business prospects are excellent. You can expect plenty of profits. But, you should be wary of the new social contacts.

Soaring expenses and savings will balance money flow for the future should be his priority. Travel for business and pleasure will be highly beneficial for business as well as romance. The Rat can achieve roaring success in the year through creativity and hard work.

Earth Rat Birth Year: 1948, 2008, Metal Rat Birth Year: 1960, 2020, Water Rat Birth Year: 1972, Wood Rat Birth Year: 1984, Fire Rat Birth Year: 1996

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Ox 2024

ox 2024

The Dragon Year 2024 will be quite demanding for the Ox. Success depends entirely on how you make use of your skills and available resources. Your career will be full of twists and turns, and you have to use all your ingenuity to further prospects.

The Ox will have the encouragement of family and friends in his endeavor to accomplish goals in life. You have to be diligent and persistent in whatever you do.

Earth Bull Birth Year: 1949, 2009, Metal Ox Birth Year: 1961, 2021, Water Oxen Birth Year: 1973, Wood Ox Birth Year: 1985, Fire Oxen Birth Year: 1937, 1997

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Tiger 2024

tiger 2024

The Dragon Year 2024 will be a highly rewarding year for the Tiger. It will be full of flair and flamboyance. The workplace will present you with many tough situations, and you will be able to tackle them with imagination and inspiration. There will be more promotions and consequent accountability.

On the economic front, profits can be made with proper planning and with a sound financial strategy. Single Tigers can look forward to good relationships ending in marriage, while marital life will be highly enjoyable with pregnancy. Family life will be full of celebrations, and members will be mobile, looking for furthering their ambitions in life. Travel will be exciting, and strange things can be expected. Social contacts and diplomacy will yield excellent outcome for the Tiger during the year.

Earth Tigers Birth Years: 1938, 1998, Metal Tiger Birth Year: 1950, 2010, Water Tiger Birth Year: 1962, 2022, Wood Tiger Birth Year: 1974, Fire Tiger Birth Year: 1986

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Rabbit Horoscope 2024

rabbit 2024

2024 yearly predictions for the Chinese Rabbit during the Dragon Year suggest that you should not indulge in any risky ventures and stick to your zone of comfort. You should use your creativity to overcome tough situations. Success will be yours if you are determined and stable. Allow things to happen at their own pace and enjoy the results!

Financially the year will be reasonably encouraging, and all speculative ventures should be avoided. Family life will be enjoyable and full of festivities. Holidaying with family members will refresh you and enhance the chances of success in life. The Rabbit can count on the support of influential social contacts to achieve targets.

Earth Rabbits Birth Year: 1939, 1999, Metal Rabbit Birth Year: 1951, 2011, Water Rabbit Birth Year: 1963, 2023, Wood Rabbits Birth Year: 1975, Fire Rabbit Birth Year: 1987

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Dragon Horoscope 2024

dragon chinese horoscope 2024

The Dragon will have a magnificent year 2024. Career progress will be excellent due to the determination and optimistic nature of the Dragon. On the money front, the situation is encouraging with large cash flow. You should not take chances by investing in unknown ventures. Know your limitations before you take up big projects.

Single Dragons will have very good chances of getting into love partnerships which may end up in tying the knot. Family atmosphere will be turbulent, and all efforts should be made to make the situation pleasant. Overseas travel for professional purposes will be beneficial. If the Dragon makes use of the great prospects on hand, the year will turn out to be a great one.

Earth Dragon Birth Year: 1988, Metal Dragon Birth Years: 1940, 2000, Water Dragon Birth Year: 1952, 2012, Wood Dragon Birth Year: 1964, 2024, Fire Dragon Birth Year: 1976

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Snake 2024

snake chinese horoscope 2024

Chinese Horoscope for 2024 for the Snake indicates a tough year for career professionals and business people. However, the year is promising for starting new projects which will become profitable in the future. You should follow up ambitions with determination, and you will see them bloom in the future. Last quarter of the year will be beneficial for visualizing and executing new strategies.

The Snake should be careful in developing new contacts that may be a hindrance to his or her career. You will play an essential role in family matters but helping seniors and assisting juniors. Travel will be exciting if you want to explore new countries.

Earth Snake Birth Year: 1989, Metal Snake Birth Year: 1941, 2001, Water Snake Birth Year: 1953, 2013, Wood Snake Birth Year: 1965, 2025, Fire Snake Birth Year: 1977

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Horse Horoscope 2024

horse 2024

Predictions for the Horse for the Dragon Year 2024 foretell a remarkable year. If you are thinking of improving career prospects by changing the present job or location, the year will give you ample chances. You can look forward to promotions and financial gains. Finances will be challenging, and all risky investments should be avoided. The situation may even result in health problems due to the stress generated.

You have to enlarge the social circle to provide a supporting system in times of trouble. There will be a lot of enjoyment and socializing during the year. Singles will be compatible with forming new love partnerships, which may end up in marriage. All family problems should be sorted out promptly and intelligently. On the whole, the year of the green wood dragon promises to be a fabulous one for the Horse.

Earth Horse Birth Year: 1978, Metal Horse Birth Year: 1990, Water Horses Birth Year: 1942, 2002, Wood Horses Birth Year: 1954, 2014, Fire Horse Birth Year: 1966, 2026

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Sheep Horoscope 2024

sheep 2024

The Sheep will be extremely busy during the Year 2024, but in the end, the output and profits will be meager. You should be ready to face many minor obstacles. Career prospects will be excellent during the year. Income will be just enough to meet the expenses. Progress on the various ventures on hand will be slow, and benefits will accrue only in the next year.

Friends and social contacts will be of great help in facing various obstacles. The Goat should not expect too much in the year and wait patiently for things to take a good turn during the year 2025. New hobbies for the ram will provide great relief and relaxation in times of conflicts.

Earth Ram Birth Year: 1979, Metal Sheep Birth Year: 1991, Water Goat Birth Year: 1943, 2003, Wood Sheep – Birth Year 1955, 2015, Fire Sheep – Birth Year: 1967, 2027

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Monkey Horoscope 2024

monkey 2024

The Monkey will have an exciting and fortunate Year 2024. You should be ready to shoulder more responsibilities in career. Business people can start new projects with encouragement from social contacts. You should be careful in controlling expenses while looking for the execution of ventures.

The private life of the Monkey will be lively and enjoyable. Family environment will be eventful and gratifying. Social contact with new persons will help in improving profits. Pleasure trips with family members will add to the happiness of the family. By proper marketing and persistence, the Monkey can expect to live a better life.

Earth Monkey Birth Year: 1968, 2028, Metal Monkey Birth Year: 1980, Water Monkey Birth Year: 1992, Wood Monkey Birth Year: 1944, 2004, Fire Monkeys Birth Year: 1956, 2016

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Rooster 2024

rooster 2024

The year 2024 will be a thriving one for the Rooster. Career people can look forward to promotions and increments while progressing further in their jobs. Business people will find their income soaring. They will get plenty of opportunities to expand their business or start new projects. A little enterprise and a good financial strategy will increase the profits. Keep a strict watch on expenses.

Social life will be interesting with increased contacts. Family life will be delightful, with happy events and celebrations. You may have to take up some unfinished home projects. Travel to scenic and breath-taking places is likely. On the whole, the roosters will have a flourishing and pleasant year.

Earth Rooster Birth Year: 1969, 2029, Metal Roosters Birth Year: 1981, Water Rooster Birth Year: 1993, Wood Rooster Birth Year: 1945, 2005, Fire Rooster Birth Year: 1957, 2017

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Dog Horoscope 2024

dog chinese horoscope 2024

The Dog will have to face a lot of opposition to retain his present way of life during the year 2024. He has to stave off the threats with cooperation from others and should get accustomed to the changing environment. Things will improve if he can handle the challenges with diplomacy and circumspection.

Family life will be pleasant, and he should sort out internal problems without seeking outside help. He will have to spend some time and money on home-related improvements. The year presents a learning experience for the Dog, and he will significantly benefit from the challenges and adventure. These help him to face the future with courage and conviction.

Earth Dog Birth Year: 1958, 2018, Metal Dog Birth Year: 1970, 2030, Water Dog Birth Year: 1982, Wood Dog Birth Year: 1994, Fire Dog Birth Year: 1946, 2006

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Pig 2024

pig 2024

The Pig will not face many challenges during the Year of the Dragon and will enjoy the experiences presented to him. On the career front, he will succeed with his skills and past understanding. There will be encouragement from his superiors, and he will excel in his profession.

Finances are excellent with a rising inflow of money and income from additional sources. The boar will have enough money to invest in securing his future. Social life happens to be eventful and gratifying. Family life will be active, and he gets a chance to help and guide family members with his authority and expertise.

Earth Pig Birth Year: 1959, 2019, Metal Pig Birth Year: 1971, 2031, Water Pig Birth Year: 1983, Wood Boar Birth Year: 1995, Fire Pig Birth Year: 1947, 2007

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