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Chinese Horoscope 2025 – The Year Of The Green Wood Snake

Chinese Horoscope 2025 For The 12 Animal Signs

SunSigns.Org offers you the Chinese Horoscope 2025 for the Year of the Green Wood Snake. The year will commence from January 29, 2025, and end on February 16, 2026. The 2025 Chinese zodiac forecasts the prospects for the 12 signs during the year. It covers the different fields of life, such as love, finance, career, family, and health.


2025 Chinese Horoscopes for the 12 zodiacs, namely, the Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, and Pig are detailed below. You will also get an idea about 2025 Feng Shui forecasts and Chinese Horoscope 2025 for all the 12 zodiacs.

Chinese Horoscope 2025: Preview

Rat 2025

rat 2025

The Rat professionals will be able to get into the good books of the management with their skills and hard work. This will result in promotions and pay rises. You should be careful about colleagues who want to undermine your career. Business activities might be affected by fluctuating fortunes. You can postpone significant decisions and investment proposals to a later date. A good financial strategy has to be worked out to get over a difficult period.

Love life will be average, and family requires attention continuously. Your efforts may not be rewarded to the extent you anticipate. The health of family members will be another reason for anxiety. Your health will be fabulous. Overall, the year will be a mixed bag, and things will improve during the last part of the year. Your confidence and diligence will overcome the challenges, and finances will improve considerably.

Earth Rat Birth Year: 1948, 2008, Metal Rat Birth Year: 1960, 2020, Water Rat Birth Year: 1972, Wood Rat Birth Year: 1984, Fire Rat Birth Year: 1996

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Ox Horoscope 2025

ox 2025

Predictions for the Ox for the Year 2025 indicate that the Oxen will have an excellent year. However, you must ensure that you maintain your composure and will not be brutal. All problems should be resolved through dialogue and diplomacy, and controversies should be avoided. Do not indulge in short cuts to achieve things. Seek the help of concerned experts whenever you face severe problems in a particular field.

Financially, money flow will be abundant, and investments yield good returns. The focus should be on saving money, and risky investments should be avoided. Singles will get new love mates and should allow the relationship to grow. Marriage is not recommended in The Year of the Snake. Family life will be turbulent and requires more attention. The health of children will cause some anxiety. The health of the Ox will be superb.

Earth Bull Birth Year: 1949, 2009, Metal Ox Birth Year: 1961, 2021, Water Oxen Birth Year: 1973, Wood Ox Birth Year: 1985, Fire Oxen Birth Year: 1937, 1997

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Tiger 2025

tiger 2025

The Year 2025 will be a happy and steady year for the Tiger. You will accomplish your objectives on your own and will not depend on the support of others. It is necessary to keep away from the lives of others to have a peaceful existence. Career development will be smooth and will reach greater heights due to management skills.

Tiger will have a great financial year 2025, and money will flow from diverse businesses. This might not be a good year for romance and passion with love partnerships going awry. You should think twice before you get into a romantic alliance or tying the knot. Social life will be lively, and you will make new influential contacts. Health will be splendid predicts the Chinese horoscope 2025. Minor problems can be attended to promptly predicts the Chinese horoscope 2025.

Earth Tigers Birth Years: 1938, 1998, Metal Tiger Birth Year: 1950, 2010, Water Tiger Birth Year: 1962, 2022, Wood Tiger Birth Year: 1974, Fire Tiger Birth Year: 1986

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Rabbit Horoscope 2025

rabbit 2025

The Rabbit has to drive through a barren and bumpy ground during the Snake Year 2025. You should be wary of the lurking dangers and must have an alternative strategy to face the challenges. Do not indulge in any unlawful activities to avoid unnecessary legal battles. Career problems will force you to look for a change of job or location.

Economic affairs will be in a mess with mounting losses. Avoid taking loans from others to meet your expenses. Love affairs should not add to your existing problems and can be postponed. Health will decline if you fail to relax enough. The situation will improve by the end of the year, and happy days will be there again!

Earth Rabbits Birth Year: 1939, 1999, Metal Rabbit Birth Year: 1951, 2011, Water Rabbit Birth Year: 1963, 2023, Wood Rabbits Birth Year: 1975, Fire Rabbit Birth Year: 1987

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Dragon Horoscope 2025

dragon 2025

The Dragon will have a smooth and delightful year 2025. Business ventures will succeed, and relationships will be harmonious. You will achieve success in whatever you do, and there will be hardly any resistance to your plans. Nevertheless, you should be prepared for some unexpected and mysterious challenges.

Finances will be tricky and require guidance from experts in case of problems. All speculative ventures or investments should be avoided as they will result in severe losses. The Dragon should pay enough attention to his life with a spouse and the family. At all costs, he should not stray if he wants harmony with the spouse.

Earth Dragon Birth Year: 1988, Metal Dragon Birth Years: 1940, 2000, Water Dragon Birth Year: 1952, 2012, Wood Dragon Birth Year: 1964, 2024, Fire Dragon Birth Year: 1976

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Snake 2025

snake chinese horoscope 2025

In the Year of the Green Wood Snake 2025, the Snake might not be happy with his accomplishments. You should be careful while taking decisions and avoid abrupt alterations. People in business can focus on new projects and savings instruments.

If the Snake has to succeed, persistence and concentration are necessary. You should study and analyze the project before taking it up and should be ready to make the required modifications. You will reap the profits by the end of the year if you do not change course midway. Be careful about persons who are likely to obstruct your progress. Overall, the profits will be average, and you should not splurge them unnecessarily.

Love relationships will be thrilling, but your unpredictable behavior may be a hindrance. Health will be normal, but you may be prone to accidents. This is a good year for pregnancy predicts the Chinese horoscope 2025.

Earth Snake Birth Year: 1989, Metal Snake Birth Year: 1941, 2001, Water Snake Birth Year: 1953, 2013, Wood Snake Birth Year: 1965, 2025, Fire Snake Birth Year: 1977

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Horse Horoscope 2025

horse chinese horoscope 2025

Predictions for the Horse in the Year of Snake 2025 suggest a highly challenging period for business activities. Partnership ventures might face severe problems from associates, and unexpected obstacles crop up. Hard work will fail to yield results, and you should seek help from experts to solve the issues. You can expect support from family members.

The Horse can achieve things with his vigor and authority by overcoming all the challenges. You have to change your lifestyle also to suit changing situations. The physical and emotional well-being of the Horse will be splendid, but you should avoid overindulgence.

Love relationships will be momentary and will not obstruct your career progress. Socially, this will be a very active year, and the Horse will have to be diplomatic and friendly to maintain the contacts. Overall, the year will throw unexpected hazards, and you have to be on guard continuously.

Earth Horse Birth Year: 1978, Metal Horse Birth Year: 1990, Water Horses Birth Year: 1942, 2002, Wood Horses Birth Year: 1954, 2014, Fire Horse Birth Year: 1966, 2026

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Sheep 2025

sheep chinese horoscope 2025

The Sheep will have a highly enjoyable year 2025 filled with a lot of exciting and attractive events. You will have the authority and command to achieve whatever you want. Your social circle will be of great help in completing projects and making more profits. Temporary obstacles can be overcome through diligence and tolerance. However, the year is not promising for initiating new ventures for the Goat sign.

The Sheep should be diplomatic in his workplace and avoid conflicts with superiors. Money flow will be erratic throughout the year, and sound financial intelligence will be required to stay afloat. Your envious nature may spoil love relationships. Beginning of the year is favorable for starting new romantic alliances. The ram should devote more attention to maintain a happy family atmosphere. Health will be challenging, and you should resort to a good exercise regime to build up physical stamina.

Earth Ram Birth Year: 1979, Metal Sheep Birth Year: 1991, Water Goat Birth Year: 1943, 2003, Wood Sheep – Birth Year 1955, 2015, Fire Sheep – Birth Year: 1967, 2027

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Monkey Horoscope 2025

monkey chinese horoscope 2025

The Year 2025 promises to be a decent year for the Monkey. You will enjoy relationship with family members, social contacts, and co-workers. You will get the encouragement from family and management to accomplish goals. It is crucial to avoid conflict with others if you have to succeed. Do not indulge in new ventures and be conservative enough to stick to present projects on hand.

Though there will be many obstacles at the beginning of the year 2025, you will succeed with persistence. Try to get over these problems through conciliation and cooperation. The Monkey will be lucky in gambling activities during the year. Love relationships will be enjoyable provided you are committed. Travel may pose some hazards.

Earth Monkey Birth Year: 1968, 2028, Metal Monkey Birth Year: 1980, Water Monkey Birth Year: 1992, Wood Monkey Birth Year: 1944, 2004, Fire Monkeys Birth Year: 1956, 2016

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Rooster 2025

rooster 2025

The Rooster will have a hopeful and rewarding year 2025. Financially, it is necessary to cut expenses as income may not be big enough. Previous savings will give good profits. You will succeed during the year if you exercise management skills to the maximum. The social circle will play a pivotal role in your success this year.

Career progress will be based on support from good colleagues. The rooster should avoid legal litigations as far as possible. Singles will get into casual romantic relationships. Family life will be highly demanding, and you should not agree to unreasonable requests. Health will be reasonable, provided you control diet.

Earth Rooster Birth Year: 1969, 2029, Metal Roosters Birth Year: 1981, Water Rooster Birth Year: 1993, Wood Rooster Birth Year: 1945, 2005, Fire Rooster Birth Year: 1957, 2017

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Dog Horoscope 2025

dog 2025

Forecast for the Dog for the year 2025 suggests that the year will be fruitful, happy, full of love and romance. The year gives you enough opportunities to dream, think, and explore new things. Business enterprises require diligence and devotion, and you are assured of enormous profits. You will have the full support of colleagues and collaborators if you take them into confidence. Do not be overambitious and control your unnecessary expenditure if your business has to survive. You should be on the lookout for new prospects and grab them quickly as and when you get them.

Love life will be pleasurable if you devote more attention to married life. Your spouse and family members will be of great support for your ventures. Health will cause some anxiety, and enough care should be exercised about diet and cleanliness.

Earth Dog Birth Year: 1958, 2018, Metal Dog Birth Year: 1970, 2030, Water Dog Birth Year: 1982, Wood Dog Birth Year: 1994, Fire Dog Birth Year: 1946, 2006

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Pig Horoscope 2025

pig chinese horoscope 2025

The Pig might have to face a turbulent and anxious time in the Year of the Snake 2025. Overall, this year will bring average results, foretells the Chinese horoscope 2025. Career and financial prospects are not bright, and you should not be aggressive on these aspects. You tend to dabble in collaborations and speculative dealings. The competition will be fierce, and you should keep a tab on them if you want to overcome them. Innovation and enterprise are essential if you have to survive. Foreign projects offer great opportunities for rewards.

All proposals require in-depth examination and analysis, and only realistic projects should be taken up. Do not get into any legal problems as the consequences will be disastrous. All surplus money should be saved to take care of future contingencies. Love relationships for the Boar will turn sour this year. New love is hard to come by. Family members will make perverse and extravagant demands, which are difficult to fulfill. Health will be very much problematic, and you should change your lifestyle to improve well-being.

Earth Pig Birth Year: 1959, 2019, Metal Pig Birth Year: 1971, 2031, Water Pig Birth Year: 1983, Wood Boar Birth Year: 1995, Fire Pig Birth Year: 1947, 2007

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