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Karmic Lessons Number Meanings

What Are Karmic Lessons Numbers?

The Karmic Lessons numbers in numerology signify your strengths and weaknesses in different aspects of your life. Each letter in your name signifies your good and bad Karma. Find your Karmic strength today by trying this free Karmic Lessons Numerology Calculator.

Karmic Lessons Number Meanings

Karmic Lesson Number 1

So with numerology Karmic Lesson 1, the number 1 is missing from the person’s name. This person is lacking in initiative and determination. You need to start standing up for yourselves more. You need to be more independent and assertive.

The Karmic Lessons number one is missing from your name in order to teach you this lesson. You will encounter many strong-willed people in your lives and you will either learn to stand up to them or you will get walked on.

You also need to stop procrastinating and hesitating. You will receive good karma and great benefits in your life from working with others. Your biggest fear is to be ignored. So take a chance and do something daring or memorable!

The positive attributes of the Karmic Lesson Number 1 are exclusivity, freedom, talent and leadership. You usually have natural born talents and uniqueness. You just need to nurture it. You are free souls with leadership skills once you learn how to use them. You are also very brave. If you show the confidence you have in your life, you will succeed with flying colors at almost anything you do!

Karmic Lesson Number 2

The numerology prediction for Karmic Lesson 2 shows that this person suffers from not being tactful and perceptive. These people need to learn to deal with situations and with people better. You need to learn to be diplomatic and how to cooperate with a team. You will ultimately do well when you work with others. This will turn your life around and you will become social, intuitive and successful.

Karmic Lessons Number 3

People missing the Karmic Lesson number 3 in their names tend to be critical. If you do creative things for your love of doing them, the money will come. You have high standards. You don’t do well with too much attention. These people will face challenges throughout their life. But if you remain positive you will be an inspiration to others.

The Karmic Lessons numbers in numerology signify your strengths and weaknesses

Karmic Lesson Number 4

With Karmic Lesson Number 4, if you focus on your inner strength you will come out of life stronger and less hurt. You need to decide your life’s purpose and plan such as the career of your choice. You will struggle with these things. You are one to ponder over the meaning of things and life but once you decide to let these things go or to choose your answer and plan you will be much happier.

Karmic Lesson Number 5

Karmic Lessons for number 5 suggests that you take every opportunity to broaden your life and your experiences. Learn to embrace change and to overcome fear. Your lesson in life is to have faith. You will be required to face new circumstances. This can either make or break you. But you will learn to flow with life and grow. You will learn a great deal from experience and adventure.

Karmic Lessons Number 6

Karmic Lessons Number 6 numerology predicts that you have an issue with commitment and responsibility to others. You have a hard time dedicating yourself to a partner or to other relationships. You may feel isolated and alone but do not understand why. You need to learn to show emotion and share those feelings with others.

You form relationships but don’t let your guard down. Show people the real you! They will love you and you will love yourself more as you are more sincere. Then you will learn the value of giving and sacrificing. For this is the path of true friendship and love.

Karmic Lessons Number 7

People with names that miss the letter corresponding to the Karmic Lessons number 7 are talented. They just need to learn how to use their talents. You must learn to be your own critic to fully develop your abilities. But this lesson is here for you so that you will be tested in this area and eventually you will shine!

Karmic Lessons Number 8

People with the Karmic lesson number 8 have problems with money but they have these problems due to a lack of caution. They also have a problem with authority figures.

So if these people learn to exercise caution and practice efficiency and frugality with their finances they will improve their situation. These people can become successful businessmen and businesswomen and attract riches. You just need to learn your limitations.

Free Karmic Lessons Number Reading

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Karmic Lesson Number 9

Numerology reading for Karmic Lesson 9 shows hat you must learn to be more compassionate, tolerant and understanding. There will be times in your life where you have to sacrifice your own wants and needs for a bigger goal. If you learn to broaden your life and see things on a larger scale, you will have the potential to influence your own destiny as well as others. Mankind and your community need you!

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