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Pallas Athena – The Goddess Of Wisdom And Truth

Pallas Athena


Pallas Athena is also referred to as the Lady Master, Lady Athena or Athene. She is the ‘Goddess of Wisdom’ and the ‘Goddess of Truth.’ She is the Lady Master of courage, law, and justice, civilization, wisdom, inspiration, and strength. She is the Chohan of the 12th Ray. This is the ray of the New Age.

Pallas Athena is one of the Divine Masters that sits on the Karmic board. She represents the 5th Ray, which signifies order, logic, and reason. It is also the Ray of Science. She associates with the warrior Goddess within us. She encourages us to live our true lives and speak our truths. Athene works to ground the feminine energies. She does this alongside Quan Yin and Lady Nada.

Pallas Athena: Insight

Pallas Athena increases our intuitive abilities. She helps us open the 3rd Eye Chakra that leads us into enlightenment. Athena teaches humankind science, mathematics, sacred geometry, the Laws of Alchemy, music, and Cosmic Law. She assists in finding the truth within ourselves. Pallas Athena encourages us to live an honest life.

Ascended Master Athena has strong and focused energies that influence our lives positively. She tells us to be strong enough to stand for ourselves no matter what is happening in our lives. We should remain true to our values, principles, and truths without fear of anything or anyone. Pallas Athena works to ensure that we express ourselves to others lovingly and purposefully.

This ascended fills us with the knowledge that we need to use to approach situations in our lives with wisdom and clarity. She will give us the insight to come up with ways of overcoming challenges in our lives. She wants humankind to live happy and fulfilled lives. Athene works with us to ensure that we make positive choices in life and take full charge of our lives. We should live responsible lives if we want to be on God’s right books.

Pallas Athena’s Role in Our Lives

Pallas Athena inspires and encourages us to lives with honor and truth. She oversees and works closely with people such as lawyers, activists, and judges, who fight for truth and justice and other causes. We should stand up for the truths in life and appreciate everything good in our lives. This ascended master is reminding us that true strength comes from within.

Pallas Athena brings strength in our lives so that we can handle the difficult and challenging times that we experience in life. Call upon this ascended master for support and guidance when you are standing firm and strong for your rights and the rights of others.

The Lady Master guides and gives insight to those people under her influence who want to know their spiritual truths. She then helps them to share the knowledge and wisdom that they have gained with others. She pushes us to understand the people that we are and how we can live our lives to the full potential. Pallas Athena will bring clear insight and wisdom into our lives if we allow her to.

Pallas Athena

Pallas Athena: Conclusion

Athene encourages valor, mercy, and compassion in humankind. She works to ensure that we live our lives according to God’s will. She wants us to live our lives responsibly and ethically. Invoke the presence of the Lady Master into your life when you are defending yourself and your own truths.

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The Lady Master works closely with Master Hilarion. Her twin Flame is Lord Maha Chohan. Their spiritual retreat is situated over Sri Lanka. Pallas Athena also has a retreat and place of service in the Temple of Truth located in the ethers at Crete.

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