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Chiron – The Ascended Master Of Healing



For you to familiarize yourself with the spiritual realm, you have to know who ascended masters, such as Chiron, are. Ascended Masters are beings that speak to us in the divine realm. This process is referred to as channeling. These are individuals who have a wide conscious far beyond their physical bodies. They now consider the higher versions of themselves. They are now in a position to help human beings not by judging them but showing them unconditional love.


For them, it makes much sense to do good than to do bad. It is not in their liking for us to hurt each other. They have moved to a point where they understand that we are all one. They describe our existence as one human body with different body parts. It only makes perfect sense to love and take care of each body part so that the body can function well.


Do you see how human beings get old? Ascended masters don’t get physically old like us. They are what we call effectively immortal. But when they change their physical appearance, they do so consciously and after that remain adults for the entire time.


They hold possession of colossal powers. An example to describe this is that they can sit in a burning furnace without getting burned. But far from this is that Ascended Masters are compassionate and full of wisdom. Chiron helps us to understand healing because the journey to healing is always dim and painful, but the results are shiny.


Ascended Master Chiron: Insight

Chiron shows us our inadequacies. The Bible teaches us that we are all sinners and have fallen short of the glory of God. This ascended master shows us our inadequacies and where we fall short in our lives. We can fulfill our spiritual purpose if we focus on where we lack as human beings. This master has walked before us and knows where we are not doing well. He gives us instructions and brings us awareness on how to heal.

This master shows us our personal wounds, fresh and old ones. The process of healing dictates that you first know where your wound is and the extent of your wound. Do we understand that at times we can even harm ourselves? How bad can that be? These personal wounds can either be in our relationships or even at our workplaces. Receiving personal healing is the best thing that can happen because it is a wonderful lesson for all humankind.

Chiron Master of Healing

Master Chiron points us towards places we can overcompensate. In our day to day living, some things need more input from us than others. Say, for example, a student who is performing well in one subject but poorly in another subject.

This student will need to overcompensate the subject he or she is performing poorly with more study time. If the student calls on Chiron, he or she will be able to heal from the subject’s poor performance.

Chiron’s teaching of healing is depicted in religion, for instance, the story of the crucifixion of Christ. God sacrificed His only son for our sins. The healing through the life of Jesus shows Chiron’s principle of compassion and love.

Jesus Christ being crucified shows compassionate sacrifice to us sinners, even those who crucified Him. He died and was buried but later on resurrected and ascended to heaven. What Jesus went through is a full healing circle.

Chiron: Conclusion

We have been given an opportunity as human beings to live on this planet earth, where a wide range of healing processes is taking place. This should be an awakening to our hearts. Take a look at how the world is suffering or even deep down our own lives.


We have scars and wounds that really need to heal. We cannot sacrifice or mutilate our bodies in a painful manner, but we can consciously do it. Chiron can help us in meditating and accomplishing our healing process.

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