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Paul the Venetian – The Lord Of The Third Ray

Paul the Venetian


Ascended Master Paul the Venetian is the Lord of the Third Ray. This is the pink ray of divine love, charity, and compassion. He prepares us to receive the gifts of the Holy Spirit by teaching us the way of love through wisdom in action.

Paul is focused on beauty, creating patience to perfect the soul and teaches us understanding. He also teaches us self-discipline and how we can develop the instinctual and inspired faculties of our hearts.

Paul the Venetian: How Does He Look Like?

Master Paul the Venetian is a royal being with a height of six feet and five inches. He has a fair expression with golden wavy hair and deep blue eyes. He always puts on emerald green velvet attire. Paul comes from the planet Venus that is known for masters of the flame and thus gives out harmony and divine love.

His natural heritage is grace and beauty, tact, and diplomacy. He has a melodious and kind voice. When he speaks to you, he does so in a peaceful and kind voice that gives you calmness to absorb his wisdom. He is able to bring comfort and peace to everybody he interacts with. He is a wonderful teacher of the path of love.

Paul the Venetian: The Artist

Paul the Venetian promotes the master culture of beauty and truth on this earth. He helps artists, architects, musicians, designers, and artisans in bringing out their work of art and culture. In the pyramid of this golden age, the ascended masters’ culture of light and beauty is essential. From the ascended masters’ point of view, humankind can respond to spiritual teachings and truth through art and culture.

Master Paul the Venetian encourages those doing music, architecture, drama, and art to keep up the good work. His inspiring works as a divine artist portray the life of Christ. Examples are the marriage at Cana, the Via Dolorosa, the presentation in the temple, Christ, and the Centurion and the resurrection. One of his paintings called the Holy Trinity is hanging is his retreat, the Château de Liberté, in southern France.

The students of the master are able to view his paintings and get inspiration from them. Paul the Venetian, portrays God, our father in heaven, as a majestic figure. He portrays the son in Jesus’s likeness, and he gives the Holy Spirit the image of a white dove with a wingspan that is nine feet. His painting of the Holy Trinity well describes this.

Paul the Venetian

Relationship between Love and Art

In our day to day living, we come across many trials and tribulations. But we have the way of the cross that in overcoming all that we go through. Paul the Venetian tells us that art is a way to express the love that we have in our souls. It helps to show our footsteps as we undergo the initiation process. Love is the geometry of being. Love is the foundation of life and exists in every cell, making it the cohesive power of the universe.

Ascended Master Paul the Venetian teaches his students that mediation upon all art should be able to awaken the power of God within. He illustrates the divergence between modern art and the ability to awaken the power of God. Many modern artists rely on the astral plane, subconscious, and the collective unconscious. They fail to tune in to the delicate vibrations of Paul the Venetian, and the great master artists.

The modern artists are failing to bring out the love and the discipline of the soul. Their art is not harmonious. Some put their focus into so much competition and making money, thus losing the true culture of the Holy Spirit. Modern artists should seek guidance from ascended master Paul the Venetian in their work to bring out inspiration to humankind.

Paul the Venetian: Conclusion

This master understands the creative science of vision. The concept behind this is that as we see, we become. It is so real that a pregnant woman can meditate upon a beautiful statue, mold her consciousness into perfect form, and transfer it to the child. What we see is what we become. Paul the Venetian teaches us the importance of securing the consciousness of young ones. We should make sure that only paintings and art conducive to the harmony of their souls are around them.

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Paul the Venetian teaches us the love of the Holy Spirit: therefore, we should have self-sacrifice and surrender to the will of God. It is wonderful to understand the love of God. We only need to give ourselves totally to God for Him to manifest in us. We must make sure that we have positive energies and a disciplined way of life.

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