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Virgin Dream Meaning

Virgin Mary in Your Dream – Meaning, Interpretation and Symbolism

Did You Dream Of Virgin Mary?

A Virgin Mary dream is a sign that you regard someone in your life as being perfect; therefore, you look up to them for guidance. This dream could be a sign that you should alter your perception of this person. This is because they might not be what they seem to be. Perfection is something that no one can achieve. Expecting that from someone is a sign that you are setting unrealistic expectations for yourself. You will end up disappointed.


Be careful of the people you emulate in life because most of the time, people who you the side of themselves they want you to see. The Virgin Mary dream symbol signifies your need to be perfect. Be honest with yourself because if you continue seeking perfection, you are doomed to fail. Focus on the things you can control in life and work with them to live your best life.

Dreaming of Virgin Mary as a mother is a sign that you should stop beating yourself up and thinking that you are raising your children the wrong way. Believe in yourself and know you are doing the right things for your children.


Seeing the Virgin Mary’s dream symbol signifies a yearning to commit a selfless act. Find something you can do for others that will give your life purpose. You are compassionate, loving, and kind. That is why so many people find it easy to communicate with you about their problems and troubles.

According to the Virgin Mary dream dictionary, dreaming of seeing the Virgin Mary signifies great happiness that will manifest in your life. You will welcome a new member to the family or go through changes that will change your life for the better. This dream also signifies spiritual enlightenment.

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