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Capricorn Solstice – For the World and the USA

Understand how the Capricorn Solstice will affect nations worldwide

A new cardinal season has come to us giving more attention to the night (to the feminine) if you live in the Northern hemisphere, or to the day (to the masculine) if living in the opposite. Now natives of Earth will witness what has been called the winter or summer solstice, when the Sun ingress into either Cancer or Capricorn, where day and night are now of roughly offbeat in duration over Earth’s equator, initiating a fresh pivotal beginning in tropical astrology.

While in the northern hemisphere, people will experience the beginning of winter (the shortest days in the year), in the southern hemisphere there will be summertime when the Sun stays longer in the skies, that is, the longest days in the year.


As an international astrologer to this specific website, I must focus on both directions the solstices take. The importance of astrological charts that mark the beginning of a new cardinal season is millennial. The Solar seasons are exceptional references in the Solar year; they suggest mainly turning points over the year and are best used for the mundane. “Solstice” equals the symbolic combination of the Latin Sol (Sun) and Latin Sister (standoff).

Whenever someone is saying “summer/winter solstice”, the person is metaphorically saying as if the “Sun standstills” in the related season. Day and night are now disparate in length, where either day or night prevails more than the other in a hemisphere, symbolizing life harvesting preferences. It is a vital condition of the moment. People of Earth are now more rational to judge, experience, and delight in Earth’s pleasure and resources.



The World at Large – Predictions

Uranus rules over plane crashes in ingress charts, and in opposition to Jupiter, that could mean many more than usual. That we have seen for over the last 3 months.

The cardinal T-Square involves a series of abrupt changes and new starts; Jupiter gives us a sense of superiority and moral correctness. In opposition to Uranus, we can sense a form of totalitarianism taking place in some parts of the world as Saturn ensures with a sextile to Jupiter and a trine to Uranus. But I guess this is an opportunity to explore and study the opposite part, so later the wheel of life would conspire in favor of the individual well-informed.


Uranus is in the chart square Pluto by exactly 4°00 degrees from each other, and Pluto conspires against off or totally in favor, and when it does, it does so with strong intensity and fervor. As for Saturn, it will strengthen Uranus’ form of totalitarian kind of government, while giving hope to the liberals as it is sextile to Jupiter, giving a sense that something must be worked out first.

This is a strong beginning for many nations and individuals; a start that will forever change the social structure and foundation, changing abruptly traditions in cultures in which freedom (Uranus) is neglected (Saturn) by blind faith (Jupiter). The greater side of this is Jupiter, of course. The planet favors peace and a conversation, instead of war and silence between the parts.


Mars is conjunct South Node; indicating an old war of nations that could cease fire. Too much Pisces plus the approach conjunction to Neptune seems to be a trap. But another feature must be checked, which is the Arabic part of fortune. Mars is conjunct part of fortune by 2° orbs.

United States of America – Predictions:

The chart for Washington D.C shows Sagittarius rising. I always thought of the USA as being a nation of Sagittarius rising. Since a kid, I’ve visited the country and always admired its expansiveness and talkativeness. Being from a different region of the world, we get to analyze better than those living in it. Sagittarius is rising, thus the chart is valid for the next 6 months.

Let’s remind ourselves that in the chart above, Obama is the Sun, while the 10th house represents the new presidency and party taking the new direction of the nation. The country seems happy and extraordinarily satisfied; although that may not be true to the whole. Sagittarius is rising, giving us the impression of a really happy and independent society.

Even when Capricorn is a cardinal sign, Sagittarius is a mutable sign, suggesting the chart is not proper for a grand initiation of any kind, including a new presidency. However, the fire Sagi is somewhat adventurous; the nation is indeed feeling they are going to experience a different kind of collective high. Scaring look USA; With malefic Saturn rising, people of the world may think of the USA at the moment as going through a tough situation, one that will hold its energy terribly to the ground, as if people from outside are witnessing some sort of karma coming back. Saturn in the 1st house also indicates disappointments of the nation’s will. The Sun has an essential role in the whole world.

The Sun makes hard aspects to the Moon, Venus, and Midheaven, not so over Venus. The new country’s president looks like scaring many countries along the way while discussing race, nations, and poverty. Saturn here won’t allow much of the Sun to shine in the 1st house; thus it will force the Sun to be much more modest and perhaps rude as possible.


Although the 1st house (Aries house) in mundane and solstice charts does not mean the president of a country, it says much about how people see the nation while an authority figure in power, which will be the case of the 10th house (Capricorn house) – wherein the chart above, the Sun is square to it (the Midheaven). It also seems, that Obama (Sun) is feeling limited and intimidated (Saturn) little by little new direction of the nation’s destiny, perhaps even feeling unresourceful USA’s new Reputation; The Midheaven is a nation’s reputation, which is always reinforced by each winter/summer solstices.

This time for the USA the Moon in Libra in the 10th house, it seems people are divided; however, it seems destiny is favoring the new president’s position at the highest energy level, as Jupiter is also found in the 10th house. But the Moon-Jupiter conjunction is known for its abandonment role as if the new direction of the country won’t allow others to come together. Jupiter opposes Uranus in the 4th house. Jupiter in the 10th house is really good for mundane charts; it favors the party in power tremendously. It doubles the country’s power; the possible assassination of Trump; again, let’s see the country’s main destiny.

The ruler of the 10th house is Mercury, which is retrograde in Capricorn and is conjunct Pluto in the 2nd house, meaning the country is destined for financial failure, or at least, a deep transformation awaits the nation where survival issues and economic independence are concerned. Mercury is hard on this chart, it is not easy, and it is uncomfortable among the planets at this specific time. It also squares Jupiter in the 10th, which means people will blame the recent election, of course. The combination may also indicate the president may be in danger of being assassinated (Pluto) during a speech (Mercury) concerning the country’s survival or financial administration (2nd house).

The attempt to murder could also happen during a ceremony of celebration, as the Mercury-Pluto conjunction is located at the house of Venus. If that happens, Hilary will be what astrologers at ISI predicted, victorious, one way or another. I must analyze Donald Trump’s chart more deeply now. Another feature of Mercury-Pluto in the 2nd house; is the hidden information about the country’s true economic situation. Also, corruption involving people in power of major authority and dirty money is likely to be on the media soon.


The Moon represents the people’s attention to the solstice ahead, that is, for the next 6 months that come with it (as for Sagittarius rising in Washington D.C.). This will concern their image/status before the world at large. Many are worried that the world will see the USA as a new devil’s country. There will exist the need to emotionally equate the nation’s change of direction. People’s intellect will be greatly affected.

Uranus opposition to Jupiter emphasizes this as both planets are located in cardinal houses. Uranus the revolutionary in the 4th house shows a rebellion in its land; a revolution will take place as an opposition to the new election (10th house). The planet also sextile Saturn could easily lead to impeachment, as a form of a “formal rebellion”. Uranus is retrograde in the chart, a few days to station direct. The intensity of the planet is nothing but stronger, leaving a deeper mark on the road. Let’s remind ourselves that Uranus is still square Pluto. People will worry about their new place in the world.

The opposition is likely to happen literally on streets and from a neighboring nation. Also, a daring publication of some kind or a dramatic point of view of authority will split the people in power, which could easily lead people to fight among themselves. Mars is located in the 3rd house sextile by the Sun in the 1st house of the nativities of the country. Mars in the solstice chart for Washington D.C. rules both the 12th house of secrets enemies and the 5th house of speculation, and for that, the publication’s source may never be known.

The attack could also come from allies, once Venus rules the 11th house and it falls in the 1st house but conjuncts the 2nd house. Too much mutable energy in the chart indicates people will be easily influenced by other people’s opinions. People will find that bliss and easy to adapt. However, the absence of fixed signs indicates a lack of determination and effort to make the necessary changes. These 6 months will be more about promoting ideas than really doing them.  This also influenced astrologers worldwide, let’s see why;

The astrologers, who were wrong about the presidential election winner, put a shade among the astrological society at the world at large, giving us a sense that astrology cannot be 100 percent right when it is about studying possibilities. “Predicting the future” has become silly and somehow it invokes an immoral sensation. Many astrologers are furious because of this event, and many consider it a deep and painful hit against astrologers worldwide.

Uranus rules over astrologers when in the past Saturn was the chief by the time it was ruling both Aquarius and Capricorn. Jupiter the planet of overabundance, in the 10th house, allows status to grow and expand to the world in quick ways. The benevolent nature acts without regard to principles of good and bad, only to a fair judgment where morals and ethics must be the highest value. The status of astrologers worldwide was hugely affected by a statement that Hillary would win the presidential election of 2016, and it will be for a very long time again.

In the last equinox chart in Libra 2016, I said celebrities would have much more prestige than actual heroes, facilitating celebrity Trump to win more votes than an actual Hero of the people, or at least, part of it. The combination of Saturn, Jupiter, and …. by 2020! (research) favors the anticipation of Trump in power, etc.

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