Thursday, July 29, 2021

Saint Francis – Ascended Master Kuthumi’s Reincarnation

Saint Francis


Ascended master Saint Francis is also referred to as Ascended Master Kuthumi. He receives love all around the world. Saint Francis is connected to nature. He is caring for animals and has compassion for all. You can call on him if your pet is ill and he will deliver healing. He has a wonderful loving energy that makes him magnetic. He teaches us how to connect to all and how to open up to life.

We can learn how to depend on God from the life of Master Saint Francis. He turned from a carefree and worldly life to a true devotee of God. No obstacle could stand on his way. He gave all that he had to God and decided that he will get anything that he needs from God. God has not disappointed him. He has provided him fully with what he needs.

Saint Francis: Taking a Stand

The life of Saint Francis teaches us that we should take a clear stand against the false doctrines and the false leadership in Christianity. Many people have fallen under the deception of ill-advised loyalty. They confuse how they can be loyal to Christ to how they can be loyal to the outer church. This outer church only claims to be the true representative of Jesus Christ. We as believers should be in a position to see the truth.

Jesus Christ is living, and we should solely follow him. There is no organization or a person that can claim to be exclusively representing Christ. Jesus cannot be held by anyone or even a mental box so that He can be represented here on earth. Kuthumi tells us, both Christians and people in the new age community, to forget the prayer of Saint Francis. We need to replace the prayer with the recognition that we are not passive beings.

We should not sit back comfortable and expect that God in heaven will do everything for us; therefore, we have to take a stand. Humankind has the freedom of choice, and so we need to choose wisely for our light to shine. We cannot sit back and pray for God to choose for us. It is true that without God, we can do nothing. But still, we must make ourselves the open door so that the light of God can shine through us.

Saint Francis

Saint Francis: Conclusion

Ascended Master Saint Francis tells us that we need to make ourselves to be mediums so that through us the Light of God can shine. We should be like lenses so that through us, God can focus His light here on earth. This is what most Christians on this day do not understand the same way Saint Francis did not understand.

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We should not take a passive approach. Jesus Christ is the Prince of Peace and not a pacifist.

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