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Maha Chohan – The Keeper Of The Cosmic Flame

Maha Chohan


Maha Chohan is also known as Lord Maha Chohan or Ascended Master Maha Chohan. His name means ‘The Great Lord.’ He is also known as the ‘Keeper of the Cosmic Flame.’ Some people refer to him as ‘The Comforter’ because he brings comfort and peace to humankind. He also comforts every living thing on earth that is not human.

This Ascended master is the Lord of Civilization. He works to ensure that development takes place all over the earth. He uses his energies to positively influence people to make the best out of everything they do. This ascended master brings about leadership positions to people who deserve the same and those who can be of service to their subjects.

Maha Chohan: Insight

Maha Chohan manifests the White Light of the Seven Rays. He is the Master of the 7th Ray and works closely with the energies of the 3rd Ray. He highly resonates with the minerals present on the Earth. Lord Chohan oversees the Mineral and Elemental Kingdoms. He works to ensure that these minerals manifest in nature.

With the help of Maha Chohan, the Mineral and Elemental Kingdoms will work closely with humankind to bring about great things on earth. He teaches us about establishing balance and stability in our lives. With balance and stability, we will be able to achieve our full potential.

He also teaches us to trust in ourselves and our abilities and make positive life choices that will help us become better. He enables us to achieve enlightened wisdom so that we can understand and handle the process of manifestation. This ascended master opens us up to the Divine gifts of wisdom, healing, faith, knowledge, insight, manifestation, and clairvoyance.

Lord Maha Chohan resonates with universal love, kindness, cooperation, compassion, patience, intelligence, and discipline. He teaches us that we cannot advance our spiritual life without patience, discipline, and persistence. He helps us discern the real things in life and those that are not.

Maha Chohan’s Role in Our Lives

Maha Chohan has lived the human life, and he knows what is good for us. He wants us to be true to ourselves and live a life filled with joy, happiness, and peace. He brings courage, assurance, energy, and strength into our lives. This ascended master gives us the power to be able to stand by our own truths.

For those who have achieved spiritual enlightenment and awakening, he gives inspiration, and he sends them energies that encourage and increase the positive qualities of their personalities. This ascended master works to ensure that everything we indulge in is aligned with our Divine life purpose and soul missions.

Maha Chohan

He brings new beginnings into our lives that will change our lives for the better. He works to ensure that we attract positive energies into our lives. Maha Chohan brings a fresh sense of purpose to those under his influence. History records that in one of his incarnations, he was the blind poet, Homer.

Maha Chohan: Conclusion

In ancient Tarot, Lord Maha Chohan and Lord Master Hilarion are the ruling masters of The Wheel of Fortune Card. This ascended master is also the ruling master of the Fool and Judgement Tarot Cards.

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His twin flame is the Ascended Lady Master, Pallas Athena. Their retreat is known as the Temple of Comfort situated in Sri Lanka.

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