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Lady Portia – The Goddess Of Justice And Opportunity

Lady Portia


Ascended Master Lady Portia is the master Chohan of the Golden Ray, representing the 7th Ray of Light, which has violet flame energy. She is the keeper of the Sacred Heart Flame. She is one of the Lords of Karma and sits on the board of Karma Lords.


Portia is the twin flame of St. Germain. Master Lady Portia’s work is to assist transformation, magic, the dawning of new eons, developing psychic abilities, and manifestation. She is a very powerful goddess that offers guidance to our spiritual advancement.

She is known as the ‘Goddess of Justice’ and the ‘Goddess of Opportunity.’ Her energy focuses through the violet flame; Her work is to bring divine justice in places where there is no balance and harmony so as to attain balance. She teaches us how to attain and maintain a balance of the mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional attributes using elements of the wind, earth, fire, and air.


Her energies help us to attain balance all around bringing inner peace, stability, and harmony to us. She can help us not to be so much polarized by teaching us how to balance love and wisdom, justice, and mercy. She uses the Maltese cross as her sacred symbol and electronic pattern.


Portia’s Appearance

Master Lady Portia is a goddess who is selfless and loving in her process of guiding and inspiring humanity. Whenever we want to release the light and love of our divine essence, we can call on Lady Portia because she has a lot of opportunities for us.


She is a petite blonde with a very beautiful face. She has large light blue eyes. You will always see her hair that is pulled up into braided buns. She dresses in white gowns with purple or violet outer robes or purple or violet gowns with white outer robes. The robes she puts on are trimmed on the hems with golden braids of the Maltese cross.

Lady Portia: Insight

Ascended Master Lady Portia has the ability to govern judgment and mercy. She offers help to those who have a weakness in criticizing and judging themselves and others in receiving high energies and vibrations in their heart centers. This gets rid of their lower vibrations and enables them to be more accepting and loving to themselves and others. She helps us attain a balance between our heads and our hearts.

Lady Portia teaches us that if we learn to forgive others for the wrongs that they have done to us, we will not only help release them from their karma, but we will also make ourselves free. If we call on her, she will help us out of karma on mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional levels.

Workings of Master Lady Portia

Master Lady Portia helps women to increase their energies, gives them excellence, success, and justice. She encourages women not to feel shy but venture into any field and put the efforts they need to make them succeed.

In the fields that women have ventured, she encourages them not to relent and sit back but continue looking for opportunities and achievements. She inspires all of us to put more effort into being ourselves while living our dreams and fulfilling the purpose of our lives.

lady portia

Lady Portia is also helpful to those practicing in the legal field. Many people face legal hurdles in their day to day lives trying to seek justice, to seeking legal interpretation of various matters. You can call upon Lady Portia for interpretation and defining matters pertaining to the law. She brings justice and grace.

Lady Portia: Conclusion

Master Lady Portia is referred to as the Goddess of Justice and the Goddess of Opportunity. She brings divine justice here on earth. She teaches us how to attain harmony and balance. Portia helps with releasing karma on all levels.

She teaches us how to forgive ourselves and others. She shows us the importance of living our dreams and fulfilling the purpose of our lives.

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