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Allah Gobi – The Master Of Stillness

Allah Gobi


Life has taught us to make decisions in two ways, logic and critical thinking. But the question is, are these the best ways to make decisions? These methods can show us inadequacies and make us resort to competition. Competition then brings about nervousness, depression, and self-destruction. That is not what God envisages for us in this life, and that is why He sends Allah Gobi into our lives.


What if we choose a spirit-driven lifestyle? This kind of living opens our eyes that the world is kind and filled with abundance. You get to understand that life has so much for us to go around looking for more. You will experience joy and light in your life. Opportunities will come your way, and you will feel rewarded. If you choose a lifestyle that is driven by the spirit, you will truly empower yourself and develop your life.


Ascended Masters play an important role in the divine realm. They will provide you with a stream of spiritual energy that gives you a staircase leading to greater abundance. But you first have to trust the spiritual realm. You have to trust that God is not here to judge us, but He is a merciful God. Jesus tells us not to fear God, for He is good and ready to give us His kingdom.


The work of Allah Gobi is to work directly with Lord Buddha. He assists all souls in getting the consciousness of Christ in the mastery pathway. He is said to be in a position in the spiritual government that oversees the higher aspects of the First Ray Department of the Spiritual Hierarchy.


Allah Gobi’s Incarnations

Allah Gobi has had several incarnations in the universe. The recent one being that he has manifested himself in the Islamic faith as Allah Sham Shalaman in the Middle East. He has also lived as Gobi Mam in Mongolia.

Lady Karashu, who introduced the idea of Shamballah in India long ago, is his twin flame. These two can help you to gain and maintain a calm and balanced life despite the external forces. In this era, Allah Gobi is working with his twin flame, Chohan of the 10th Ray, who is the Ray of the Light body.

This Ray gives us a divine pattern in our physical bodies. The Ray also attracts and anchors our light bodies helping us to achieve perfection. With this perfection, we are able to reach a state of balance and find harmony not only with ourselves but also with everything that surrounds us. The kind of energy that we get from Allah Gobi gives the foundation, strength, and inner calm. On the other hand, energy from Karashu brings about an actively dynamic element.

The Master of Stillness

Life can be noisy at times in moments when you need silence to help you think. This master can teach us how to exercise stillness and silence. As human beings, we have mastered the art of constant motion that we have to process all manner of information.

This comes from our minds, emotions, feelings, physical touch, and also from our subconscious being and other external factors. When talking and listening to others, we really don’t have time to digest or listen to our inner selves. At this time, our inner voice, or even the voice of God can only be heard if we be still and silent.

Allah Gobi is good at teaching the true art of communication. This is first making sure you feel composed and then make yourself empty. You then have to pay attention to detail all round to the message being communicated. Take your time to carefully think and digest the message you have just received. This will help you to come up with a substantial answer.

allah gobi

Allah Gobi: Finding True Meaning in Life

In life, we get entangled with so many things that instead of pushing us forward, they hold us back. This master encourages us that it is time we let go and release those things. He will help us to attain things that are meaningful to us in order to attain our life purpose and soul mission. He reminds us that we came to this world as an empty vessel. So there is no need to carry things that we have no authority over, or we need not own.

The most important thing in our physical life is to learn, to experience, and to understand. For you to understand, you need calmness of body, mind, and soul. This will help us to take in whatever experiences we come across and then translate it into something meaningful in our lives.

Allah Gobi, in planning our incarnation, reminds us to make time and connect with our real parts. We should be still and know God. He will help us understand our plan and know our true power.

Allah Gobi: Conclusion

Allah Gobi gives us the spirit of peace and encourages every soul to take up this spirit inside them because it will bring about stillness. We have an inner light that can only shine if we take time and effort to be still. If we get calm and still we will be able to access our higher selves and our inner voice that is full of wisdom.

God has given us everything we need to know and all that we should seek. This master encourages us that the moment we know ourselves, we will attain empowerment levels. We will be able to connect universal energies, and we will be able to access wealth of our inner wisdom and knowledge.

He insists that we should let go of things that are holding us back, for these are just weighing us down. He teaches us to get inner calmness that enables us to hear the wisdom that comes from our divine self.

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