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Maitreya – The Lord Of Universal Love



Maitreya’s name means ‘Universal Love.’ He is the Liberator and the Master of Masters. In the Orient, his name means ‘Lord of Love.’ Other people refer to Lord Maitreya as the Master of Hope and the Loving One. In Buddhism, he resonates with kindness, and he is believed to have reincarnated as Krishna.


Maitreya is the Master or the Chohan of the 6th Ray. The 6th Ray represents enlightenment, ascension, devotion, and idealism. He works with the combined energies of the 2nd and 6th Rays. He was born in August. This ascended master oversees the numbers 8, 17, and 26. His main focus is on promoting universal love and spiritual enlightenment.


Maitreya: Insight

It is believed that Lord Maitreya is the head of the ‘Great White Brotherhood.’ He serves as the Divine source in the function of the role of ‘Energizer of the Earth’ and ‘Controller of the Solar System.’ His work is to ensure that the earth is in good shape at all times. He works to ensure that humankind does not destroy the earth with their activities.


Maitreya bestows upon us the freedom of choice, but we should be careful not to indulge in things that will corrupt our minds. He is a teacher and liberator. He shows us the right path to follow in everything that we do. We should be thankful to have someone who was once like us, to guide us into Divine light.


Maitreya’s Role in Our Lives

Lord Maitreya is a Buddha who works behind the scenes to ensure that we live responsible lives. He operates from the higher ethers where he works to raise the level of consciousness within all human beings. He brings about love into our lives. We should love others just as we love ourselves. Love is the greatest gift of all, and it should be treasured and valued.

God wants us to live according to his will, and that is why he sends archangels and ascended masters to help us out in life’s journeys. Maitreya is urging us to love ourselves and others. He urges us to let love reign on earth, and there will be minimal wars and conflicts. Maitreya also works to bring about inner and outer peace into our lives. He also brings about humor and laughter in our lives when we are feeling low.


He gives energies and confidence to those people who want to raise their level of consciousness and fully be aware of the people that they are. This ascended master has a role to play in our lives in his spirit form. Having that he once walked the earth; he knows the things that we need to do to be on the right track with our lives.

He works with and influences the deep thinkers of the world. Maitreya works with them to ensure that they detach themselves from old ideas and concepts. He also encourages intellectual scientists to balance the way they think by accepting the metaphysical.

Maitreya: Conclusion

Maitreya works to ensure that peace reigns in the world. He provides that universal love subsists even amid conflicts, wars, and disagreements. In the ancient Tarot, he is the Master of The Strength and The Star tarot cards.

Premises and Principles of Maitreya

Maitreya offers Premises and Principles as guidelines for living for all individuals. A premise is seen as so fundamental it is agreed to be accepted as accurate. A principle guides how to live.

Maitreya’s Premise 1:

Life is precious (including you)

Life should be respected by the one living it and by all others. This means you are responsible for your safety and wellbeing. That of others. This implies the safety of all individuals and groups of individuals at all times. This implies that the freedom to express yourself in any way that is respectful to yourself and all others is mandatory. Live your authentic self in the fullest possible expression as much as possible; this shows self-respect.

Maitreya’s Premise 2:

Life is very complicated and changes all the time. Therefore, life cannot be understood by anyone but can be lived and studied.

All individuals and groups of individuals are equal individuals, and groups of individuals are expected to see each other as neighbors, friends, or family. Each individual can have multiple roles, one active at any time. Individuals and groups of individuals can differ in experience, in capabilities, in purpose, and role. Also, individuals and groups of individuals will recognize – as they can – each other. Individuals and groups of individuals will ask each other for assistance and give it when asked. The control and limitation of individuals and groups of individuals are not acceptable.

Maitreya’s Principle 3: Live life to the fullest

This means you live all aspects of life, every experience you encounter, or search out, to the fullest, meaning accepting it fully. If you damage another individual through disrespectful actions, there is damage in all involved and responsible for all. Each individual that is involved needs to recognize and accept this responsibility, preferably out-loud and with all involved together.

Each individual is responsible for living and accepting the experience, or if needed, ask for guidance and support. The individual(s) who caused the damage should recognize and accept this damage done to others and apologize. The others, in turn, should give this damage back so all can be free to live their life in their way again, without limitations or debt-relations.

This action is called forgiving. If an individual is unable to recognize and accept the responsibility and is considered likely to repeat the damaging action. A new obligation for all-around arises to either help the individual develop or limit the opportunity to cause further damage.

Maitreya’s Principle 4: Life is a development

This means all individuals and groups will learn as they can when they can. This means sharing of knowledge and experience (teaching) is encouraged, and belief is discouraged – it is always your knowledge and experience in your life that is important. Thus, this also means asking questions and finding the answers (together) is encouraged. Therefore, meeting others and learning who they are and what they do is essential. The sum of the individual’s development, self-limiting convictions, and non-accepted experiences and their balancing mechanisms from the past define the way the individual sees the world and, therefore, the way to respond to it and act.

Maitreya’s Principle 5: There is time to work and time to rest

This means all individuals and groups will learn as they can when they can. This means sharing of knowledge and experience (teaching) is encouraged, and belief is discouraged. It is always your knowledge and experience in your life that is important. This means asking questions and finding the answers (together) is encouraged. Therefore meeting others and learning who they are and what they do is essential.

Maitreya’s Principle 6: Respect for the future

This means that individuals and groups of individuals will think about this type of decision before making it down to the 7th generation (a very long time into the future). This is the responsibility of each individual as well as a shared responsibility. If in doubt, seek assistance from an individual with a guiding role.

We share a way-of-working: guidance, empowerment and support in such a way that respects the individual’s right to decide about its future / life / way of being.

Individuals and groups of individuals that do not live or act according to these premises and principles are guided back to doing so in any way possible by anyone who can. In doing so, any damage to themselves and others should be named, taken responsibility for and guided towards minimizing future effects of the damage.

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