Vulture Animal Totem Symbolism & Meanings

Vulture Animal Totem Symbolism

The vulture animal totem is a master of the skies, owning the air currents that keep it in flight. In alchemy, the air element is symbolic of all that encompasses intelligence, and is also synonymous with birds. The importance of the vulture spirit guide is placed on its ability to pilot itself on the breeze. It guides itself ever higher in the sky, but always watchful and cautious of what is happening on the ground beneath it.

The vulture animal spirit symbolizes a need to always remain analytical and tactical, especially before embarking on a new enterprise. In life, alchemists have sought to mimic the vulture’s cautious nature, always aware of self preservation, self restraint, inner tolerance, and personal introspection.

The vulture totem’s stoicism speaks of strategic planning and management of each situation that one might encounter in life. For the alchemist, the vulture’s life provides a comprehensive lesson that always cautions preemptive assessment through incredible patience and self discipline.

Vulture Associated Traits

Intelligent, Watchful, Cautious, Analytical, Tactical, Smart, Shrewd, Tolerant, Aware, Introspective, Patient, Disciplined


Symbolic Meaning Of Vulture

Alchemists are always acutely aware of the value of the resources in the world around them, and as such have come to revere the resourcefulness of the vulture symbolic meanings, who has always been known to make the most of what is laid out in front of them.

A vulture animal totem’s extraordinary vision and sense of smell are the tools it utilizes to ensure that it sees success. However, in alchemy, the vulture embodies a great many more attributes that have come to be highly respected, such as tolerance, an impervious nature, cleanliness, loyalty, seriousness, perception, protection, renewal, and unconventionality.

The vulture spirit animal has shown us to make the best with what we already have; how to be more opportunistic and seize any and all resources that are readily available. The vulture is a scavenger, not a hunter. It was easy for alchemists to discern the value in waiting for the perfect moment to commandeer what is needed for a given project or opportunity, and to work easily and confidently with limits.

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All of the feats the vulture symbolism has come to be admired and respected for are possible because of an immense amount of flexibility and perception. The vulture is astutely aware of itself and its surroundings, and alchemists who identify with this bird totem are also bound to a higher awareness in all things.

Alchemists use the vulture as a symbol of the all encompassing utilization of the senses as a guide toward profound advantage and success. When a new day dawns, the vulture opens its wings and basks in the newness of it, almost as if it is embracing and welcoming the sun and the fresh opportunity that the rising of the sun provides.

This seemingly grateful gesture is more of a cleansing ritual, one in which the vulture is able to dry the previous night’s dew from its wings and rid itself of any bacteria that remains from previous meals. Yet another example of the vulture’s capability to use what is available to ensure that all tasks are accomplished, to work intelligently as opposed to laboriously. The exotic and unconventional beauty of the vulture speaks of nature’s favor of intelligent design.

Many ancient cultures viewed the vulture’s duties in the great circle of life as integral and honorable, some even offering their deceased openly available for the vultures to consume. Other cultures saw the vulture as a precise way of predicting the weather by accurately reading the bird’s flight path. Still other ancient cultures acknowledged the vulture’s protective and motherly nature when raising her young, and noted that vultures will tend to their babies much longer than other species of bird.

Because of this, the vulture has associations with the Goddess Sekhmet and the Goddess Mut, the goddess of childbirth and the mother goddess, and is known to have very strong feminine energy. In addition, the vulture has been likened to a great many masculine gods, such as Saturn, Mars, and Apollo; and is said to be possessed of similar qualities.

The darker side of the vulture’s symbolism speaks of death, obviously. Many ancient cultures interpreted the bird’s actions as a transformation by death. The ancient Mayans held the belief that by the vulture consuming the flesh of the dead, it was creating life within itself and the new life of its offspring. As all things must live and die, the vulture plays a significant and ominous role in the circle of life. It ensures that, through its resourcefulness and keen sense of perception, death isn’t an end, but an unconventional beginning.

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