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Understanding the Astral Plane: Methods Of Preparation

One of the most common problems with trying to astrally project is that people try to do it without first conditioning their bodies and minds to be accustomed to it. Here are some methods you can use to make your body more likely to accept the transition.

Hypoventilation Method

The hypoventilation method is perhaps the easiest method of preparing for astral travel. It requires a cool, dark room, something to lie upon, and silence. This method prepares you for a slow but easy transition from material to astral.

First, lie back and take notice of your breathing. Normally you breathe in for a few counts and then out the same number of counts. This is normal. However, while astrally projecting your projected self does not need to breathe. As such, your body slows down its breathing to almost nothing.

Try changing the rhythm of your breathing: In for three counts, out for four counts. In for two counts, out for four counts. You’ll notice that you are trying to breathe out, but there’s nothing left in your lungs to expel. That’s correct. When you cannot breathe out any more, hold that state of non-breath until the end of the counts. In for two counts, our for five counts. In for one count, out for five counts.

You might start to feel a slight nausea, the longer you hold that state of non-breath. As soon as this happens, take one step back up in your breathing rhythm change. Keep that pace for a minute or two. When you feel you need to come out of this meditative preparation, simply take one deep, slow breath through your nose, filling your lungs to capacity, and open your eyes. Do this several times a week, and you will train your mind and body to be able to withstand a state of lower breath.

Balance Method

This method is similar to one of the many Zen exercises performed by monks during meditation. The object of the exercise is to be able to have prioreception of your body even in a meditative state. While it was done with a special bowl filled with sand, a metal bearing, and a little post a long time ago, today it can be performed with a table tennis ball and a dinner plate.

Sit with your back against a wall, comfortably and relaxed. Make a very small dent in the ball, no bigger than the head of a pin, and put the ball dent-side-down on the dinner plate, in the center. Hold the plate in your hands, making sure not to jostle the ball in any direction. Now, close your eyes and begin a simple breathing pattern: In for two counts, hold for four counts, out for 2 counts, hold for 4 counts.

Your body is designed to have an approximate knowledge of where it is in space even when no other senses are engaged. This method trains that sense of prioreception by making you constantly be aware of even small changes in your body’s position, which might make the ball roll around on the plate.

If the ball rolls, take a minute or so to break, then put it back in the center and try again. You will eventually be able to completely still your body, so that not only will your body use less energy while in astral transit, but you will be constantly be aware of your material body, so that any danger your body might encounter can be quickly reacted to.

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