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Land Animal Totem Meanings

Land Animal Totem Meanings & Symbolism

All the animals that walk the Earth have a special symbolic meaning to them. Some of these animals have very similar symbolism, while others seem to be completely different. And even more curious – some animals seem to have opposite symbolism within themselves.

This article will discuss some of the symbolic meanings around five land animals. The animals discussed in this article will be bears, cats, dogs, elephants, and rabbits. All these animals have unique qualities that give them their own special animal symbolism, making them exclusive totem animals.

Bear Animal Totem

The bear animal guide is a fearsome creature, making its home in forests and other areas secluded from humans. Whether it’s a polar bear or a grizzly bear or a koala bear, the species of bear’s symbolic meanings changes only slightly from the other species of bears. The bear has contradicting symbolism to it. On one hand the bear is a terrifying creature who could easily tear a man apart if they wanted to. They don’t seem to be afraid of much, but many creatures are afraid of them.

Because of these things, the bear has symbolism for power and bravery. On the other hand, the bear makes a great mother to her cubs. The mother bear is highly protective and will do whatever it takes to make her cub’s lives peaceful and harm-free. Because of this, the bear also symbolizes motherhood, protection, and tranquility.

Dog Animal Symbolism

The dog totem is said to be man’s best friend, which does a great deal for the animal’s symbolism. It is easy to get a dog to love you, teach them simple tricks, or to even have them guard your home. The domestic dog meaning can easily symbolize protection, loyalty, intelligence, obedience, and family for these reasons. Like the cat, the dog also has cultural and religious significance.

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In cultures around the world, dog spirit animals have been used for protection, but also for hunting and fighting. In this case, dogs can symbolize strength and security. In a few religions, dogs were said to help guide souls to the other side, making them a symbol for wisdom and loyalty. All these dog symbolic meanings help to make up the symbols for the dog as we know him today.

Elephant Symbolism

Depending on where you are in the world and what your beliefs are the elephant has different animal symbolism. In the eastern world, mainly in Asian countries, the elephant totem symbolizes thing like happiness and luck. This could be because the elephant plays an important part in some of the Asian religions. The elephant also symbolizes longevity in this part of the world, simply because the elephant usually has a long life.

In western and predominantly Christian parts of the world the elephant spirit guide‘s symbolism is a little different. People from these parts of the world see the elephant as more of a useful creature, rather than a religious one. Because of this the elephant symbolizes practical things like power, strength and reliability.

Cat Totem

While there are many types of large cats in the wild, the cat animal totem we are now symbolizing is just the domestic house cat. You can figure out a lot of cat symbolism just by watching your pet all day. Cats are secretive creatures that like to spend much of their time alone napping. You never quite know what is going on in a cat’s mind, but it almost always seem like they are thinking something intelligent. For these reasons, the cat symbolizes wisdom, but also mystery.

Cat symbolic meanings are important in cultures all over the world, which adds more symbolism to them. In some places, black cats are seen as being unlucky, and can be symbolized as evil. In other places, cats were used as mouse – hunters or guards of a house, making them a symbol for security and strength. In other places, cats play an important part in religion, which can symbolize faith and belief. Depending on how your culture feels about cats can also affect how they are symbolized. Read about cat prints symbolism.

Rabbit Totem

Lastly, the rabbit’s symbolism revolves mainly around the creature’s actions. The rabbits are rather shy around humans, but are very social around their own kind. The rabbit tends to breed a lot and rather quickly, producing many baby rabbits in the process. The rabbits also doesn’t hurt other creatures unless aggravated; they have many more predators than prey. Because of all of these things the rabbit animal totem does a great job at symbolizing family, fertility, shyness, vulnerability and communication. In some cultures the rabbit is also used to symbolize luck and love as well.

As you can tell, all of these animals are four-legged creatures that roam the earth, but they all have different symbolic meanings simply because of how they look and act. By knowing an animal’s symbolism you can better relate and learn from the animal. If you feel like you especially can relate to one of these animals, then you may have found your totem animal.

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