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7 Feng Shui Tips For Vision Boards

What Is A Vision Board?

Everyone has a vision. A positive vision goes a long way. Vision boards are a great way to get that impetus moving toward the ultimate goal they have hopes and dreams that one day may be accomplished with a bit of hard work, some risk, and a little bit of faith. Feng Shui For Vision Boards is about harnessing power using symbols, objects, and directions and channeling that power into something useful, positive, and life-changing.

It has been said that people tend to be more successful if they envision themselves succeeding at whatever they are trying to do. For example, if someone hopes to one day get a particular job, they can simply lay down and dream about it, and picture it and imagine it working out just as they’d hoped. Just envisioning is practically proven to improve the probability that it will come true.


A vision board is a physical representation of one’s goal or goals or future hopes in a certain area. It fits in with the genre of Feng Shui.  This is exactly what vision boards are all about! Many of us have probably already created a rudimentary type of vision board without even knowing it. For ladies, remember when getting ready for the summer, we pasted up a picture of a young woman with a beautiful bikini body to inspire us to get fit? That is a bit basic, but it’s the right idea. Images stimulate people. That’s why advertising is so successful. With the right images, the right mindset, and the right words, these vision boards can be extremely powerful!


Feng Shui for Vision Boards

Basics Of Vision Boards

There is a lot of freedom in how a vision board can be constructed, so there is plenty of room for creativity! First, sit and think the kinds of goals to be placed on the vision board. Will there be more of a career and work aspirations focus? Or is it more important to center on health and wellness? Don’t get worried about how it will look to other people. It only matters how it inspires the person who made it. It should be made with purpose and ambition.


Get crafty with magazine clippings or use cool fonts on the computer. There is no real wrong way to go about doing it. But, in order to avoid over-stuffing one vision board, one may even consider using multiple boards, so that each one can be focused on one particular goal. But don’t get overwhelmed! It may be wise to start with a few initial goals and not go for everything at once. Later, more goals or vision boards can be added.

Feng Shui Tips For Vision Boards

Here are a few Feng Shui tips to get started:

#1. Focus

Decide whether to use one all-encompassing vision board or a multi-focus vision board. It depends on the maker, but sometimes it could be useful to have many vision boards. That way, the person is reminded of their individual goals and not just all of their goals being pushed into their face all the time from one board. But, single vision boards are powerful as well. Feng Shui focuses on organization and balance, so don’t overcrowd a board with many goals. And don’t have too many goals when first starting. It will trap negative chi and will have the opposite effect.


#2. Materials

Think about which materials are appropriate for which vision boards. According to Feng Shui, each element is connected with emotions and traits. So, for boards focused on health, growth, and wellness, it would be wise to use wood. For vision boards relating to career and work aspirations, metal would be the material of choice. Be sure to do a little research and take a look at the descriptions and traits of each element to make the best choice.


#3. Where To Place

Find a good place for the vision board or boards. Feng Shui is all about placement. Use the Bagua to guide the placement of the boards. For career goals, the office would be the perfect place, the bedroom would be ideal for that vision board. to also consider their own personal auspicious or lucky direction and face their vision board in that direction in order to get the strongest and luckiest or most positive chi.

Feng Shui for Vision Boards

#4. Bagua

Use the Bagua to guide the construction and placement of the vision board. The Bagua can help with more than just placement. It’s also about reminding us of the different sectors of our world. Consider creating a vision board like a Bagua and add goals to areas on the board that correspond with their area on the Bagua.

#5. Words & Pictures

Don’t only consider using pictures. While images are extremely powerful for inspiration and goal achievement, combining them with words will give the vision board that extra boost. This is where the creativity can start to flow!

Feng Shui for Vision Boards

#6. Symbols

Choose meaningful symbols. Feng Shui is all about meaningful symbols and their potential power if used properly. One should search for symbols that are meaningful to them and can help guide them towards their goals. If they attach meaning to a particular symbol, it will connect that meaning deeper to inspire goal achievement when they see the board day to take the time to make the vision board neat, organized, and good! There’s no point in using one if time and effort wasn’t put into it. This will be seen daily!

#7. Placement

Keep it prominently placed. As mentioned above, this will be seen daily! It’s important to keep goals and visions at the forefront of our minds in order to help us visualize success and eventually reach our goals! It shouldn’t be obnoxious or in everyone’s faces, but it should be in a place that the owner can always reference it without too much effort.

Feng Shui for Vision Boards


Using a vision board is a beautiful way to bring positive change and success to one’s life. When first starting out with vision boards, keep them fairly simple, but it’s also fun to get creative as well. Decide on what materials to use depending on what type of goal will be focused on. Choose meaningful symbols to add to the board, figure out the most auspicious place on the vision board, and keep it prominently placed.

These Feng Shui tips will help anyone get started in making their own vision board, especially if it’s their first time. Especially in the West, we are so focused on goals and achieving them, and moving on to our next set of goals. Often, we become too goal-oriented and forget to enjoy the present moment! That can be very detrimental, and that is against the way of Feng Shui.

With Feng Shui, life should be about balance, presence, peace, quiet strength, positive energy, and an organized path.  So, have a seat and write down a few goals, dreams, or visions for the future. Brainstorm and then get started today creating that wonderful vision board that will be an inspiration and be the guide to success!

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