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Pluto In 6th House Meaning: Healthy Living

Pluto in the Sixth House of the Natal Chart

What does Pluto in the 6th House mean? These people make excellent leaders with their perfectionist tendencies.

6th House Also Known As the House Of Health and Work

Ruling Planet: Mercury

Ruling Zodiac Sign: Virgo

Pluto In 6th House Celebrities: Louis Tomlinson, Snoop Dogg, Sylvia Browne, George Washington, Rihanna

Positive Keywords for Pluto In 6th House: Workaholic, Clean, Hygienic, Curious, Accepting, Analytical, Inquisitive

Shadow Keywords for Pluto In 6th House: Loner, Selfish, Critical, Stressed, Paranoid


Pluto In Sixth House: Personality Traits

Those in the 6th House can be very controlling, in that you need things to be perfect. Pluto amplifies that need and makes you feel as if anything you work on should be yours and yours alone. This can be a problem if you have to work in a group.


Pluto has to do with renewal, generational changes, coercion, and power. With Pluto in the Sixth House, you are analytical and inquisitive and are always looking for the complete answer. You don’t rest until you’ve researched every aspect of a topic. And, even then, you often create more questions than answers. It’s almost like you’re never satisfied with the response like there must be something more you’re missing. Some of this stems from fear of criticism and rejection.

The pluto in sixth house

Pluto In 6th House: Positive Traits

The one good thing about your intensity is that you almost always solve the problem presented to you. Pluto in the 6th house personality is a whiz at research and logical thinking. You see all the different angles from which you can approach the problem.


Your attention to detail pays off here, and nothing gets by you. This makes you someone people go to for advice on simple and more complex problems, whether in your career, marriage, or personal life. Co-workers, friends, family, and romantic partners all know they can rely on you to get things done quickly and efficiently.

Pluto In 6th House: Negative Traits

Because you are such a perfectionist, you want everything to be correct down to the smallest detail. So for you, you can never do enough research to satisfy that need. This becomes a problem whenever anyone else is involved in your work process because no one takes things as seriously as you do. Some would think the world was crumbling from all the effort and importance you place on a single task. And for those people, anything you do is going overboard with them. Read more about the symbolism of Pluto in astrology.


But it’s that initial fear that runs the show, and you can’t help yourself. Because Pluto in the 6th House is so critical, you expect to be judged by those same expectations. However, that’s not always the case, and you can put a lot of unnecessary stress on your shoulders. This can lead to mental and physical health problems, including depression, insomnia, peptic ulcers, and other stress-related symptoms.

Planet Pluto in Astrology

Pluto does not hold a great reputation in astrology. It is one of the planets with the worst reputations, and this is because it signifies fear, trauma, pain, deep secrets, and mysteries. On the positive side, it signifies great transformations, renewal, and deep healing.

Pluto is associated with darkness because of its distance from the sun. It is the planet farthest from the sun, having been discovered in 1930. Pluto takes a long time to go around the sun. Therefore, it stays in each of the Twelve Zodiac signs for ages before making a full circle around the sun.

Pluto in the 6th House and Health

The benefits of Pluto in the 6th House are many compared to the negatives. This placement urges you to take good care of your health. This way, you will be productive in all you do because your body, spirit, and mind are in a good state.

Pluto in the 6th House personality allows themselves to bring happiness and peace of mind into their lives. Challenges come and go, but you need to ensure that they do not get the better of you. Learn how to exercise personal power over your life.

Pluto in the Sixth House Careers

With this placement, you need to hold a job that you are passionate about. Do not live a miserable life by allowing yourself to take up any job that does not align with your goals, aspirations, and ambitions. With natal Pluto in the 6th House, there is a high likelihood that you will have conflicts at the workplace with your co-workers and superiors.

Scorpio women who fall under this placement tend to be hardworking and determined because they want to gain more from their careers. They will do all they can to make a name for themselves in a world where workplaces are patriarchal.


Pluto in the sixth house effects shows that you have to learn to take a step back and not pressure yourself or your team. Some things in life are important, of course. But, you have to learn to prioritize those things in order of just how important. It’s easy to become paranoid that people are out to sabotage your efforts.

You might feel that the “universe” is working against you when you become so obsessed with something, and it isn’t working the way you thought it would. You must find a way to gain perspective on such things so they don’t end up running your life.

In addition, you thrive on being meticulous, for that’s how you feel most useful in society. That’s why you are so protective of your working process because it’s where you gain the most self-worth and confidence. Without that confidence, you feel as though you may not be as good at analyzing something, so you need to maintain that stamina. Just believe in yourself and your abilities, and the rest will fall into place.

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