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Mind Exercises For Better Living

Reiki First Level

There are a number of Mind Exercises for Better living. For the spiritual purpose and physical health, Reiki programs are given in the center. The following techniques are taught to the students.

1) Seeing the cosmic energy or pranic energy by bare eyes.


2) Techniques to receive the energy, from the basic elements air, fire, water, and the earth, and by various means.

3) Strengthening one’s own etheric body otherwise called the bio-magnetic field.

4) Expanding one’s own etheric body at least for a field of 40 feet width.


5) Healing programs at the basic level, a) scanning the patient’s etheric by hands i.e through the right palm.

6) Combing and sweeping the etheric body of the patient

7) Energizing the etheric body of the patient

8) The basic five symbols are taught


Mind Exercises for Better Living

#1. Reiki Advanced level

Those who have completed Reiki First level are eligible for taking the course at advance level. In this advanced-level many important techniques such as aura reading, the introduction of minor Reiki symbols, Tibetan Master prayer, Distance healing, dowsing practice by hand, expansion mental body, etc., are taught.


#2. Past Lives Regression Training

This program is given to the participants for the purpose of healing and improvement in meditative life. In such programs, there is always a doubt whether one is really seeing his own past lives are just imagining.

This doubt is scientifically proved by three methods. In the first method, the master himself ventures into the ‘subject’ and finds his past lives which are not known to the subject. And the master helps one of his experienced disciples to see the past lives of the ‘subject’.

Finally, the master helps the subject to travel into his past memories and to see his own past existences himself. And finally, all the findings are compared, and eventually, it is proved the regression not just imagination but perfect discerning of one’s past existences.

Mind Exercises for Better Living

#3. Future Progression

As explained above one’s future lives also can be read and proved it.

#4. Astral Travel

Though it has been named as ‘astral’, travel there are three types of out body experience. Generally named as ‘ASTRAL TRAVEL’ OR ‘OUT OF BODY EXPERIENCE’

As such there three types of so-called ‘astral travel’. The first one is called travel through 7 major spiritual Chakras functioning in one’s Etheric Double. This can be called as ‘conscious travel’. The second one is mental travel here mind alone travels and observes outer things.

The final one is real ‘astral travel’ why it is called so because the practitioner would feel that his “I” consciousness has come out his own physical body and could observe one’s own physical body lying on the bed. These three types are well explained and given the training to differentiate the type of out of body experience.


This training helps one to have psychic experiences such as ‘clairvoyance’ ‘clairaudience’ mind-reading etc.

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