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Archangel Lavender – The Archangel Of Wisdom

Archangel Lavender


Archangels, such as Archangel Lavender, are angels that rank high in the hierarchy of spiritual beings. The English word archangel is derived from the Greek word archángelos, which translates to an angel of origin. Archangels are, therefore, holders of very deep spiritual truths. The archangels are recognized in world religions such as Judaism, Islam, Christianity, and Zoroastrianism.

The roles of the archangels are to carry out heavenly duties and ensure the smooth running of the cosmos. They are also God’s messengers, thus freely interact with humanity. Archangels are often depicted as warriors who are engaged in the continuous fight against demons and the powers of darkness. They always execute God’s will without question or hesitation.

While the existent of archangels is recorded in history and religious texts, many are not well known. In fact, the most popular archangels are Gabriel, Michael, and Raphael. Archangel Lavender is among those that bring forward your gifts and help you tap into your divine wisdom. As a result, Lavender archangel assists you in understanding and appreciating your life’s path.

Archangel Lavender: Insight

Archangel Lavender works with the higher chamber of the sacral chakra. As such, Lavender reveals to us the wisdom that is hidden in us. Lavender archangel teaches us how to find out the spiritual secrets that the cosmos holds. In addition, she opens our eyes to the beauty and strength that feminine energy bears. The softness of her lavender light reveals she is gentle and friendly.

Archangel Lavender

The soul chakra carries the wisdom of the universe, and it is a very powerful manifestation. Lavender carries the complete aspects of the high priestess and emits a soft, beautiful light. She helps you balance your aspects of femininity and masculinity so that you can achieve the authentic self-mastery. She works so softly when we are willing to heal our soul star chakra, especially in our sleep.

This archangel is well known for being very gentle and covering us with her healing energy. Lavender archangel also illuminates her light to heal our hearts of any looming guilt and shame that might have come as a result of misusing our gifts. Lavender archangel is also firm about ensuring we understand the consequences that come with misusing our gifts.

The Roles Archangel Lavender Plays in Our Lives

Archangel Lavender communicates with your ancestors. As such, she shares their knowledge with you and yours with them. Because of this unique role, archangel Lavender facilitates forgiveness, especially for wrongs done across generations. She is a gentle healer and restorer in our lives. You should allow her to help you understand why you encounter a lot of resistance when you work towards unlearning vices. She will reveal to you the origin of your hurdles and internal conflicts.

Archangel Lavender’s twin flame is archangel Mariel. He holds the magenta flame, which represents divine feminine love. As such, he ensures that your intentions exist in their purest form and that the intentions of our hearts are true. Archangel Lavender ensures that we understand that we hold power to manifest all our desires. She guides you as you learn from past times and the pitfalls that blocked your ancestors from leading exemplary lives.

Lavender archangel’s energy balances between love and purity. As such, she is helping to clear any bad karma that you brought upon yourself by being greedy or judgmental. She is also purifying you from the sins brought forward by past lives. Therefore, allowing pure energies to penetrate your life and cause it to start blossoming. Lavender archangel brings about forgiveness and acceptance in your life. She causes healing from the divine feminine spiritual realm.

Archangel Lavender: Conclusion

Lavender is keen on maintaining sobriety as you engage with your inner gifts. She reminds you to find balance and always practice moderation. As such, you should guard your heart against being greedy or pursuing selfish causes, as it may lead to your downfall.

Archangel Lavender acts as a bridge between the wisdom of old and present, thus ensuring a portal for you to get answers from your ancestors. She is gentle and soothes your heart as you heal from heartbreaks caused by life. She also helps you to prepare for breakthroughs that are about to come into your life.

This archangel will show you how to apply knowledge and wisdom in your life. So she will only reveal herself to you when you live an imbalanced life. Archangel Lavender will guide you towards reclaiming your lost glory as she will reveal to you what you did wrong. Open up your heart and allow her to fix whatever is ailing your soul.

With Lavender archangel, you can always be sure that your life will run smoothly. She will ensure that your intentions and thoughts are pure and of benefit. She will help you find your way back to your life path anytime you stray.

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Lavender will always guide you towards the beautiful things in life. Anytime you feel broken, you should practice meditation aimed at deep soul star chakra healing.

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