The Mayan Prophecy and the Continuation of the World?

Mayan Prophecy

December 21, 2012, has come and gone. But we haven’t. In fact, December 21st was probably pretty uneventful for most people, with the exception of a few entertaining End-of-the-World parties. What many don’t know, is that something major did take place.

The Maya were an incredibly advanced civilization, with a fully developed written language and calendar in the Precolumbian era. They had managed to create a highly accurate calendar based on their astronomical measurements and predictions. Take a Mayan astrology reading.

The Mayan astronomers were able to produce extremely accurate results with unsophisticated technology relative to our modern standards.

According to popular belief, the Mayan calendar ended on a date that corresponded with December 21, 2012. There is also the theory that the Maya calendar continues past the fateful date, but was destroyed by the Catholic church (they have a bit of history doing this). The truth in this particular case is immaterial to the significance of this date.

Maya Prediction

The Prophecy did not predict the end of the world. It did not predict an apocalypse. It did not predict Judgment. What the Mayans recorded was the end of the particular Era and the start of a new one. On December 21st, Earth shifted from one phase to another one. December 21st marked the beginning of the transformation.

All of you tarotists should be familiar with this association of death/ending and transformation. The Earth is in a period where the vibration frequency is expected to go higher. As a collective, we, humans, are expected to also go higher. Our planet will undergo a massive effort to heal and elevate it to a place of higher awareness and consciousness.

Eradicating This World from Oppression

There are people here now that are here to help in this process of change. They are essentially a “clean-up crew”, eradicating this world of the oppressive and unjust. They are here to reform or dislodge current systems that do not function in accordance with the higher way of living.

They are often referred to as Indigo, Crystal, and Rainbow or Starchildren, as most of them are still relatively young. They are here to show us the highest path. These people are often highly psychic and enlightened very early on. The names and types aren’t particularly important. What matters is that there is a collective effort to facilitate this process in creating a better world, where everyone can peacefully coexist.

We are at a turning point, one where a golden age will follow one day. People will be nicer, friendlier, more loving, caring, compassionate, empathetic, aware, intuitive, psychic, and happy. Our human capacity to love, especially, is what will drive this revolution.

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