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Mayan Galactic Tone 13: Oxlahun – Ascension

Mayan Name: Oxlahun

Maya Day Number: Thirteen – Cosmic

Alternative Galactic Tone Name: Ascension, Universal Movement

Important Keywords:

Keywords they should meditate on are change, synchronicity, flexibility, satisfaction, future, progression and new.


Position In Mayan Numerology

The thirteenth sign of the Mayan galactic tones is called Ascension. In Mayan it is also known as Oxhalun. It is known as the “cosmic tone”. It is also the tone of presence and transcendence.The thirteenth sign of the Mayan galactic tones is called Ascension or Oxhalun.

This energy combines definite change with the spirit world. It pushes humanity into something new, without warning and with a definite purpose.


Positive Traits

The Mayan galactic number thirteen is the last in the cycle and is considered a very powerful number to the Maya. It symbolizes the highest level of accomplishment. These people exist in dual worlds because they represent the last of the galactic energy, but they are also ready to begin a new cycle.


People born under Maya number 13 are always working to make their creations better. They strive for perfection and will keep fine tuning their work until they feel satisfied with the outcome.

They may be interested in subjects that are paranormal such as psychic phenomena, and other dimensions and realities. They may become teachers in paranormal studies, psychic, or even author a book on metaphysical studies.


They are always moving forward from one level to the next. Their life’s work will be completing one phase after another always trying to outdo themselves.

The Maya day number 13 are very intelligent and have a gift of seeing the big picture. They are quick learners at whatever they focus their mind on and are able to complete projects with little to no effort. They are good at making sure all the details of a project are taken care of and in order.

Negative Traits

The Mayan galactic tone thirteen people need to learn how to be more flexible when change comes. They love to enter into new phases of their life, but can sometimes have a hard time dealing with the change that comes. Not being more flexible could make them prone to poor health and bouts of depression.

They have a deep desire to succeed, but when they are out of balance they can be too pessimistic and lack motivation to get things done. They no longer see all the possibilities, but see all of the obstacles standing in their way.

Despite the fact that they may have everything they want, it is never enough. They are always seeking to gain more or elevate their status from what it already is. They have no stopping point of when enough is enough. Their constant urge to get to the next level will cause them to take for granted what they already have.

The Maya number 13 will find happiness when they accept that change will always be a part of their lives. They love the challenge of change. But they can’t always control when or how fast that change will come. They should remain flexible and willing to adapt to whatever comes their way.

Oxlahun / Ascension Days

This Maya day 13 is good to let go of all your ambitions and give thanks for the things you have already accomplished. It asks that you trust the changes that are happening are for your greatest good.

Look back at all the lessons you have learned and use them for the changes that will take place in the future. It is a day to give thanks for all the prosperity you have and to ask to be blessed with more in the future.

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