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Aquarius Mother’s Personality Traits

An Aquarius Mother Personality Traits

The Aquarius mother’s personality traits have highly contradictory characters. As a lover, you are honest but appear disinterested in love.

Devotion and sincerity are the basic Aquarius mother traits but you do not want any bonding with other person. You are always perplexed and unpredictable, even as a mother.


Aquarius Mother – Positive Personality Traits

Wonderful Mother

The child is blessed to have an Aquarius Mother personality. You keep the child happy and make him feel important without being highly demonstrative. You are friendly and jovial with your child and all his companions.


The Aquarius mother personality traits show you engage all of them with your interesting conversation as you are highly knowledgeable. The child will be inculcated with traits of honesty and compassion to fellow beings.aquarius-mother

The Aquarius woman is not very expressive about love and her feelings and suppresses her emotions. You love your child and push your child to be not dependent on others. You give your child enough liberty while you want your freedom.

Status in life is more important to the Aquarius women than riches. The child can expect unlimited affection from you if he is open and sincere. Your love for the child is delicate and you are not highly obsessive. This Aquarius parent will be offended deeply when there is disloyalty from the child.


The Aquarius mother characteristics show that teenage children can freely confide in you with their difficulties as well as your adventures. Do not expect any show of emotion from you as it is against your natural trait. You are happy to be dressed comfortably rather than in fashionable attire.

The Aquarius mom is chatty and is fond of excitement. You are fond of traveling to new places. You like to try out new things and discover new things on your own. Creativity and cleverness are part of the basic Aquarius mother personality traits.


Social Nature

The Aquarius mother traits show she is friendly with all and does not hesitate to give free suggestions when desired. You are very much interested in making new friends with all categories of people and like to be an active member of social groups.

Your delightful personality will attract other people to you and they share their deepest darkest secrets and feelings with you. On the other hand, Aquarius mother does not part with her inner thoughts with others.


The Aquarius Mother’s characteristics show she is ultra-modern and youthful and is up-to-date with the newest songs, books, and cinema. You will engage friends of your teenage child in conversations about your youth and your revolutionary adventures.

As a mother, you will not let your child be Mamma’s boy or girl and give the child full liberty to discover the secrets of life on their own and face the realities of life.

Liberal Personality

The Aquarius mother’s personality is highly independent by character and unconventional. You are carefree and have your own set of guidelines to live your life. Views of the outside world do not bother you in the least and your child will follow your example.

The child will grow up as a mature person and will put down any acts of intimidation by his friends. Underneath this weird façade, you are kind and caring. The child will learn the value of patience from you and will be guided by you into humanitarian activities that benefit fellow beings.

You will be in the forefront while organizing social parties and movements and will encourage your child to participate and learn from these activities.

Aquarius Mother – Negative Personality Traits

Unrestricted Liberty

The Aquarius mother trait shows she gives limitless freedom to her child and the child is made to feel equal to her. In times of difficulties, the child will not be in a position to decide the course of action on his own. You should make the child understand his limitations and take command when required. This will make the child feel safe and protected.

You should not allow the child to take over your responsibilities and the child should know the limits of freedom. This will help you to deal with the child when he grows up. Be careful not to expose your child to meet your bohemian friends of yesteryears for the safety of the child.


The Aquarius Mother personality traits show you are highly capricious because of planetary influences. You are subject to frequent changes of your temperament which may affect your love partners and love life. The child will feel insecure and without support because of your changing moods.

Your whimsical behavior is harmful to the child. You should not lose your uniqueness in your attempt to be youthful and liberated. You must find an equilibrium between motherhood and eccentricity for the welfare of the child.

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