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Hexagram 53 iChing: Gradual Progress – I Ching 53 Video

What Is I Ching Hexagram 53 All About?

Chien is the Chinese name of the I Ching Hexagram 53. This has inner and outer trigrams forming wind over mountains. People call this Hexagram ‘gradual progress’ or ‘infiltrating‘ or ‘advancement.’

Hexagram 53 Yijing represents the need to be patient during a time of slow and steady progression. Life will continue to move along slowly. But now is not the time to rush through this phase.


Things are still progressing positively. But, forcing the current of time to speed up can change the outcome of any progression. Instead, learn to be patient at this steady pace. Start paying attention to the smaller details of life.

I Ching 53 meaning - Hexagram 53 Gradual Progress

Interpretation & Meaning of Hexagram 53:

Life is passing by like a steady creek that has slow-moving water. When floating down the creek in a small raft, we sometimes want the current to speed up. But by having patience, we can enjoy the ride and pay attention to the small things passing us by.


Hexagram 53 shows the need to be patient when the flow of life slows down. This steady progression will help tone down the conflicts in life. Having extra time to relax and enjoy life will help renew the spirit and strengthen the body.

Use this time wisely to help fix any problems. Strengthen parts of the personal life that might need extra attention. Show kindness and gratitude towards those who take the time to visit you. Check to see how your progress is going. Though it might be slow, don’t become frustrated. But keep enduring to see a positive outcome to the situation.


I Ching Hexagram 53 Goals – Personal Goals

It is hard to appreciate the fullness of life when we are rushing through our day and our life path. Rushing any progress removes the possibility of enjoying the actions taken to succeed.

I Ching 53 says that during a time of slow progression, it is easier to stop and see. Understand in clear detail the events that are happening around us. Celebrate and enjoy life. Do not constantly force yourself in a new direction. Focusing more on the smaller aspects of life will help prepare for the advancement of progress in the future.


I Ching Hexagram 53 Love – Love Interpretation

We might be ignoring parts of life that can be the daily happenings of our friends and family. Take the time to have daily conversations with those around you. This can give us a new appreciation for the ones we know.

We are often looking for someone to listen to what we have to say. Being a good listener is an aspect of life that we ignore when we become too busy to enjoy life.

I Ching Hexagram Number 53 – Career and Business

When we are trying to form a new business, we should not hurry the process along to see the outcome. Steady progression is key when building the foundations of a prospective relationship. This can be both in the pursuit of love or the building of a business.

Take the time to nurture any new relationship, so it has the potential to blossom into a stronger connection. Remember to keep a steady pace. Don’t jump into a new relationship without first understanding every aspect of the new endeavor.

iChing 53 Judgment – The Judgment Poem

Is given in marriage.
Good fortune.
Perseverance furthers.

iChing 53 Poem – The Image Poem

On the mountain, a tree:
The image of DEVELOPMENT.
Thus the superior man abides in dignity and virtue,
To improve the mores.

iChing 53 – Conclusion

Hexagram 53 shows the need to be patient during a peaceful time. There is no need to rush to find a better life path. One is already on its way, even if that progression might be slow.

Take the time to find rest, but don’t become lazy. Recognize the smaller aspects of life that might need more attention at this time than focusing on the larger picture.

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