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7 Feng Shui Tips To Remove Obstacles

How To Use Feng Shui to Remove Obstacles In Your Life?

Most people define their life by triumphs versus failures. At times, the victories can seem out of reach. This can lead you to ask yourself, “What obstacles are standing in the way of my success?” The Chinese philosophy of Feng Shui is a practice that can help highlight the hurdles that have been blocking your path to success. Feng Shui tips to remove obstacles in life are listed below.


When it symbolizes a harmonious lifestyle perpetuated by a well-balanced environment, this practice considers how your physical environment affects your Chi or energy flow and encourages you to take steps to balance the negative and positive energy surrounding your daily environment.

Mastering Feng Shui’s art will allow you to discover the problems hindering your life, address these situations, and achieve a positive energy flow. That will lead to future success in your endeavors. Here is a list of tips on how to get started on balancing your lifestyle:


Feng Shui Tips to Cleanse Your Energy and Remove Obstacles

#1. Get Organized!

Maximize efficiency and avoid time-wasters by getting organized. Excessive clutter can cause physical and emotional barriers on your path to greatness. If you have a closet full of clothes you do not wear or a garage stored with items you never use, start getting rid of that mess. Do not procrastinate any longer.

So the mess will have a direct effect on the energy of your home. And if the energy block can be traced back to the location of the clutter. This obstruction will drain your home of energy and cause an imbalance of Chi.


According to Feng Shui, endless clutter and disorganization can lead to lost earnings and strained relationships. Clearing the clutter out of your life will create a more constructive environment leading to better opportunities.

#2. Remove Physical Barriers

Feng Shui focuses on the impact of your physical surroundings on your mental state and future success. To optimize your Chi, your environment must be taken into consideration.

Do you have physical barriers at your front door? These obstacles can cause a decrease in energy, throwing off the balance of Yin and Yang in your home. This imbalance can lead to financial and personal distress.


You can solve this problem by clearing the path to your front door from the inside and outside. For example, take a look at your home from the outside, looking inward. If there is anything, such as a mailbox, trees, or shrubbery blocking it, remove these barriers, if possible.

Also, remove anything blocking your door from the inside, which can negatively affect your energy. Any blockades to your front entrance can cause severe growth problems for you, personally and professionally.

#3. Rearrange Your Bedroom

To have optimal balance, you must position your bed in the commanding position—farthest away from the doorway, but still with a clear view of who is entering while you are lying down. This will allow you to remain calm and in control.

It is also important to avoid pointing any furniture directly at your bed. Position your dressers facing away or diagonal from your bed to prevent any problems. Slanted ceilings or hanging light fixtures above where you sleep can also drain your energy.

Also, ensure you are not storing unorganized items or an excessive amount of junk underneath your bed, as this can also prove problematic. If you want to protect yourself from negative energy while sleeping, try draping a canopy over your bed. This will guard you against harmful energy and make an excellent addition to your Feng Shui environment.

#4. Increase Positive Energy

When you surround yourself with toxic people or put yourself in adverse situations, this can cause you to have an overall negative outlook on life. These negative thoughts can produce significant obstacles on your pathway to success. To offset this negative Chi, Feng Shui suggests you avoid these negative settings and protect your home from the negative energy they yield. For example, if your neighbors are the problem, fence them out of your view.

This will shield your home from harmful energy, keeping you and your family at the optimal energy balance. Also, when a loved one passes, it is important to mourn and move on. This can increase negative energy, which will throw off your Chi. Increasing positive energy in all aspects of your life is an integral part of Feng Shui.

#5. Trim Your Trees Says Feng Shui to Remove Obstacles

But if you want to protect your home from negative Chi and increase your personal Chi level through exercise, start trimming your trees and mowing your grass. A well-trimmed yard is something to be proud of, and it will increase your overall mental well-being. An overgrown yard can drain the home of energy, causing an imbalance and blocking positive energy from entering.

It is vital to allow your home to be open to positive energy at all times. Also, prevent plants or trees from touching your house, which can drain the energy.

#6. Fix It

To further decrease your life’s frustrations, repair items in your home that are not working correctly. So  If you have a broken door hinge or your bathtub is clogged? By letting these tasks go undone, you are increasing anxiety and decreasing your positive energy.

But next time you are off work or have some spare time, take the time to mend that broken item. You will feel relieved by not procrastinating and completing this task, improving your home’s overall energy balance.

#7. Clear Your Mind

While balancing your physical environment is essential in Feng Shui, achieving stability in your psychological state is also important. But if you want to avoid this and fine-tune your home to reflect a positive environment, try clearing your mind through meditation. So take a few minutes each day to sit alone. But do not focus on your problems at work or with your family. Then try to clear your mind of all your negative thoughts.

Doing this regularly will make you feel refreshed and full of positive energy. With a clear mind, you can focus on the areas that drain your energy and address these problems.

But it is essential to remember that this is not a quick-fix solution. Feng Shui is a lifestyle that is implemented over time. Everyone is different so each person will experience different results.

Balance in the Environment

Since this is a valuable practice for anyone looking to achieve balance in their environment, whether you need a jumpstart to organize your home or want a complete overhaul of your physical and mental well-being, Feng Shui can be applied to your life.

So it is a practice that promotes personal growth through the balance of energy. Clearing your physical environment of barriers and improving your mental state through meditation will increase your energy and overall balance.

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