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Mars In 11th House Meaning: Period Of Reflection

Mars in 11th House Meaning: Enjoyable Moments

Mars in the 11th House narrates the value of respecting someone’s decision in everything they do. Every decision you make in life is worth living because you will expect high resolutions. On the other hand, the people around your surroundings will matter a lot because they have the opportunity to do everything that you decide. Mostly, they will appreciate your moves because they are seeing where you are getting to.


Mars in the 12th house luck implies that everyone will become a winner because they can follow their instincts. Your instincts will take you to the future that you desire because they understand where your heart lies.


Mars in the 11th House of the Natal Chart

What does Mars in the 11th house mean? They are always on the move in their quest to change the world. Besides, if you are willing to participate in changing the world, then you have to do everything good for everyone. Equally, when you do good to others, good things will come to your life.


11th House Also Known As the House Of Friendships

Ruling Planet: Saturn, Uranus

Ruling Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

Celebrities With Mars In 11th House: Roger Federer, Stalin, Michael Douglas, Meg Ryan, Shania Twain, Napoleon, Oprah Winfrey

Positive Keywords: Humanitarian, Brainstorming, Inspirational, Helpful

Shadow Keywords: Unpredictable, Quirky, Racing, Overwhelming

Mars In 11th House: Personality Traits

You have a unique sense of right and wrong and work hard to change things you see as injustices. With Mars in the 11th house, you utilize your people skills to create a team to correct these injustices. Your ability to bring people together is what drives your humanitarian efforts.


Mars in 11th House Compatibility

You put all your energy into fixing humanity’s problems. You are always looking at the big picture, finding issues that need to be addressed, and researching the best ways to address them. Everyone willing to do good will live a simple life in the future.  Equally, the future is in your hands, and your hard work is the key to getting whatever you want in life.

Knowledge is your biggest weapon, and you know how to use it to your advantage. You are always adding to your wealth of knowledge and putting a lot of effort toward advancing other people’s level of education.

The Mars In 11th House

Mars In 11th House Astrology

Besides, you have predictions that your hopes and aspirations are tied to other people’s wants and needs. You are constantly working in a group to figure out what satisfies both. Also, the group that you are surrounding yourself with will give you the greatness that you deserve. In other words, where there are good people, there is happiness.

You do research better on your own. But because you have a complex system of finding information, you like to brainstorm with other individuals who are working on the same problem. This is the best way you know to determine whether or not something will work.

Mars in 11th House Marriage

Mars in the 11th house woman will have a perfect combination with Mars in the 11th house man. This is because they both have equal ambitions as compared to the people around them. Besides, everyone will someday write their love story and the things they have done in life.

And you know how to think outside the box (Aquarius is your ruling zodiac sign). People often describe you as quirky and don’t always understand your methods. Also, everything is all about the things that you do because those are the things that will push you forward.

Mars in 11th House Charisma

But you know there is a method to your madness, and it usually gets results. You appear unorganized or scatterbrained at times. But, those who know you will understand that you have certain priorities that you tend to while keeping others aside for a different day.

Mars In 11th House Career

The effect of the eleventh house is such that you have to compartmentalize your thoughts and ideas because your mind is always racing at top speed. It’s difficult for you to slow it down. So, you try to focus on a certain set of problems at a time.

This means that your friends and family are not always a top priority. They can feel left out if they are trying to spend time with you. But you always come back after a period of reflection and attempt to strengthen the bonds with your loved ones whenever they feel slighted.

Is Mars in the 11th House Good or Bad?

The only thing you have to be careful of is overwhelming other people with these concerns. Not everyone wants to save the world- some people want to live in it. So learn to dial it back a bit when someone tells you they need to sit back and relax. Besides, it is always good to relax as you wait to do something else. Never rush into doing something, especially when you are exhausted because you will not give the actual results.

Mars in Eleventh House Wealth

There’s rarely a dull moment with you because you are always thinking of some existential question that you want to discuss. You would do well to learn how to live in the moment rather than still trying to figure out the deeper meaning of things. Sometimes a peaceful moment should be just that. If you want to improve someone’s life, start with yours first. This includes making money. (Read how Mars influences your life).


While much of your energy goes toward practical problems, you need your close social circle to keep you grounded in the here and now. You often miss the smaller details because of your grand outlook on life. With Mars in the 11th house, the thing that drives you most is solving problems. You pride yourself on getting to the answer before anyone else and going about it unconventionally. You like to go against the grain and be unpredictable, which makes you an exciting person to be around.

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