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Hexagram 55: Abundance – I Ching 55 Interpretation Video

What Is I Ching Hexagram 55 All About?

Feng is the Chinese name of the I Ching Hexagram 55. This has inner and outer trigrams forming thunder over fire. People call this Hexagram ‘abundance’ or ‘abounding’ or ‘fullness.’

Hexagram 55 represents a time of great success that you should not take lightly. Even though the period is fortunate, take steps to secure the future. Always, be prepared for the next phase.


All phases in life will come to a pass. And though there is currently a run of abundance, take steps to prepare for some time of adversity.

I Ching 55 meaning - Hexagram 55 Aundance

I Ching Hexagram 55 Interpretation and Meaning

There is no better feeling than experiencing a time of success. It calls for a time of celebration and enjoying the benefits of success. But Hexagram 55 shows that it is also important to start planning for the future.


Preparing for the future during a period of success goes beyond simply saving any wealth. It also means preparing the mind, body, and spirit for a period of great difficulty. When we become very successful, our minds can be clouded by the warning signs of upcoming dangers.

It is easy to think that there is no longer a need to worry about troubling times. We think this way when there are plenty of resources to store away for a later time. But a rich man’s wealth can be taken away as quickly as he was able to acquire it.


Hexagram 55 calls to be always mindful of what is going on around us. Excessive celebrating can take the mind away from what is truly important. You need to compare it to what will only bring happiness for a short period.

Staying on your guard at all times is important. Beware of those who might want to bring you down after watching you succeed. Success should not be treated lightly. Or, our judgment can become cloudy from possible dangers.


I Ching Hexagram 55 Goals – Personal Goals

I Ching 55 asks you to take daily measures to ensure that the mind stays clear of influences and clouded judgment. Reflect on each day of the passing of events. Then you can become aware of any danger lurking around the corner. Gain advice from others when it comes, to properly saving up for a time of great adversity.

Try to keep a level frame of mind when you see destruction in your pathway that you cannot overcome easily. A sudden occurrence can often take our focus away from our success and into a state of depression. It’s important to always prepare for the troubling times to endure them properly.

I Ching Hexagram 55 Love – Love Interpretation

This does not mean we cannot enjoy the time of great success. It is important to enjoy life when it is available. Celebrate with your loved ones to encourage others and renew your spirits.

I Ching Hexagram Number 55 – Career and Business

As the passing of time continues and one phase in a career folds into the next, we are always in a state of progression. This can be fast or slow and always moving towards a change. There is always a need to prepare one’s self. This can be either against an external force or from our feelings that can overcome the mind.

iChing 55 Judgment – The Judgment Poem

ABUNDANCE has success.
The king attains abundance.
Be not sad.
Be like the sun at midday.

iChing 55 Poem – The Image Poem

Both thunder and lightning come:
The image of ABUNDANCE.
Thus the superior man decides on lawsuits
And carries out punishments.

iChing 55 – Conclusion

It is essential to be aware of the passing of time and what might be happening in the future. Prepare to endure all things and hope for all things. With the knowledge that every event in life, both positive and negative, will someday pass. There is comfort in knowing that there is something new waiting to happen right around the corner.

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