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Hexagram 49: Revolution – I Ching 49 Interpretation Video

What Is I Ching Hexagram 49 All About?

Ko is the Chinese name of the I Ching Hexagram 49. This has inner and outer trigrams forming a lake over fire. People also call this Hexagram ‘revolution’ or ‘skinning’ or ‘the bridle.’


Thus, Hexagram 49 represents an opportunity for radical change. Even though it is possible for this type of change, you should plan well to make the change positive.

I Ching 49 meaning - Hexagram 49 Revolution

I Ching Hexagram 49 Interpretation and Meaning

Hexagram 49 symbolizes the ability to cause a great change either in your or others’ lives. Before jumping on this opportunity, you need to understand the methods for change. Only then, you can gain knowledge of which will cause the most desired effects.


Also, for a great change to take place, we must first rid ourselves of anything that might be working against us. We should not let anything hold us back from this type of progression. Close the doors to all conflicts. Finding solutions to problems will help spring a person forward into success. Take full advantage of the present opportunity for change. But, make sure the path is clear to gain control of the situation.

Sometimes, there is no weakness in recognizing the need to change. It can be bad habits we need to change within us. Or simply, an ending has come to a current phase in life. And to continue living, we must break away from what we know to progress.


Time is always in a constant flow of change from one part to the next. Now is the time to take control of that change through critical planning and meditation.

I Ching Hexagram 49 Goals – Personal Goals

I Ching 49 asks you to find different paths and ways to steer the change. Be sure to put a well-thought-out plan into place for the change to be successful. If you charge into a situation without a plan, then only confusion and destruction will follow.


Decide which path you should take before running into a new situation. It is better to understand the outcome first before trying to bring about a great change. Think wisely and with a clear head and conscience. Then it is possible to have a positive change that can affect the rest of the life path.

Find a quiet place to ponder a plan of action. Take the time to meditate on the possible outcomes and methods used to bring about a change. Make sure the moment is right for such a grand change to take place. Justify the time and place of the change in your life to understand the outcome of the situation.

I Ching Hexagram 49 Love – Love Interpretation

Is this change in your relationship going to be for the better? Or will it cause harm in some way? Understand each aspect of the change before putting it into place. This will help prepare an individual for the next phase of their life.

I Ching Hexagram Number 49 – Career and Business

I Ching 49 says that jumping into the fire without first preparing will only burn you and have a negative outcome. Don’t be rash in the decision-making process in your business because this type of change will have a large effect.

iChing 49 Judgment – The Judgment Poem

REVOLUTION. On your day
You are believed.
Supreme success,
Furthering through perseverance.
Remorse disappears.

iChing 49 Poem – The Image Poem

Fire in the lake: the image of REVOLUTION.
Thus the superior man
Sets the calendar in order
And makes the seasons clear.

iChing 49 – Conclusion

Therefore, change is a necessary part of life. The flow of time is always moving, and at one point, the flow will change in another direction. Often we cannot control in which direction the new change will take us.

Hexagram 49 shows how to find that control when the change presents itself. Also, you need to change greatly when dwelling in a dark place. You need this even when negative influences have started to make their way through into our current path.

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