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Hexagram 58: Open – I Ching 58 Interpretation Video

What Is I Ching Hexagram 58 All About?

Tui is the Chinese name of the I Ching Hexagram 58. This has inner and outer trigrams forming a lake over the lake. People call this Hexagram ‘open’ or ‘the joyous lake’ or ‘usurpation.’

Hexagram 58 symbolizes a time of great success that will bring much joy to life. Though celebration is called for, it should not distract you from taking full advantage of this opportunity. Endless, this will be a time of great encouragement and upliftment of the soul.

I Ching 58 meaning - Hexagram 58 Open

I Ching Hexagram 58 Interpretation and Meaning

Hexagram 58 is a sign that shows the opportunity for great success and a flooding of joyous emotions to come with it. Many doors open when we can obtain success and fill our lives with joy. We feel the need to accomplish more and to seek out new adventures.


You can enjoy celebrating with others and inspiring those we care about to obtain similar success. You can then accomplish many things as you start to enjoy life to the fullest. But don’t spend all your time celebrating or you’ll miss the chance to continue this life phase.

I Ching Hexagram 58 Goals – Personal Goals

I Ching 58 says that this is an inspirational time to focus more on personal goals that have been put aside. This is the only way you will be successful in the world. Now that all things are possible, it’s time to choose which endeavors to pursue. Take into consideration all the events that are happening around you.


Where would your new resources be the most effective? What is going to bring continuous joy and happiness into your life? Looking to further this period of success and joy should be the main focus.

I Ching Hexagram 58 Love – Love Interpretation

Take the time to celebrate this successful phase with those whom we hold dear. The feelings we are currently full of will likely start to rub off on some people. Especially, those who might need some form of encouragement to progress. Be willing to share the knowledge that you have through being successful.


Give advice openly but in return be able to receive any advice that others are willing to give you. This could be a time of great enlightenment when others share their success stories. There could be tricks to making this time phase last a long time that someone will share with you when you invite loved ones into your home.


I Ching Hexagram Number 58 – Career and Business

I Ching 58 Yijing says that with any form of celebration, it is ideal to do so wisely. We should not spend all our time focusing on how to celebrate and how to invite others to share this time with us. Then, we might miss the opportunity to further our business and success. It is easy to get distracted when we are full of joy and happiness.

We then can become blind to possible dangers and those who wish to take advantage of our success. Still, take the time to meditate each day. Reflect on current events to see any possible dangers approaching. The time of stillness at the end of each day can help clear the mind and regain a level of consciousness.

iChing 58 Judgment – The Judgment Poem

THE JOYOUS. Success.
Perseverance is favorable.

iChing 58 Poem – The Image Poem

Lakes resting one on the other:
The image of THE JOYOUS.
Thus the superior man joins his friends
For discussion and practice.

iChing 58 – Conclusion

Hexagram 58 says that there is perhaps no greater feeling of being successful and having no worries or doubts. It is a time of bliss that you often long for. Plenty of hard work and determination can lead anyone to be successful. It is a rewarding time that comes after a long period of progression.

Constant encouragement and persistence is the key to obtaining a happy lifestyle. Remember to take advantage of any period, whether it is positive or negative. There is always a way to change our current life path into a new direction. This will bring about plenty of joy and peace.

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