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6 Feng Shui Ways To Clear Clutter From Your Home

How To Use Feng Shui To De-Clutter Your Home?

Feng Shui, the Chinese art of placement, is integral to a holistic life lived mindfully. The tradition is part of the ancient Chinese philosophy of nature, literally translating as “wind and water.” Clutter is a huge aspect of Feng Shui, and when you clear clutter, it allows positive energy flow in our homes. Feng Shui is all about energy (referred to as chi), using this chi to create harmonious environments within the home that attract abundance, happiness, love, connection, and health. The key to Feng Shui is to remember that everything has energy and is interconnected.

Types of Energy

There are two basic types of energy in Feng Shui: Sheng Chi and Shar Chi. Sheng Chi is the energy we seek. The beautiful energy allows us to attract great things into our lives and manifest joy, love, and everything we desire. Shar Chi is the energy we seek to avoid. Shar Chi is extremely harmful and creates energetic blockages that lead to real problems in our lives.

We meditate, do yoga, cook healthily, and practice mindful eating. Still, many of us don’t realize that our seemingly harmless environment may be blocking energetic flow and holding us back from living our best lives. As humans, we interact with our environment every moment. If that environment is facilitating negative energy or shar chi, we cannot reach our highest potential in any area of our lives.



Clutter in any area steals our time and energy and can cause us to feel tense, stressed, and distracted. This is because we are not separate from our environment; we are part of our environment. If you struggle with this, you aren’t alone! Clutter is one of the most common blockers of life energy or sheng chi. When sheng chi cannot flow freely, our health and happiness can be endangered.


So what is clutter, exactly? Clutter is blocked, low-frequency energy that reduces your quality of life. In more logistical terms, clutter is anything you own that you don’t use or have space for.

To Feng Shui your clutter away, be honest with yourself about what is and isn’t clutter in your space. You may be surprised by the amount of clutter you actually have and don’t even realize it! Try these Feng Shui ways to de-clutter your home to increase positive energy flow, bringing health, abundance, and prosperity into your life.


How Feng Shui Can Help Clear Clutter?

#1. Bring good energy into space

Get excited for the de-cluttering process you’re about to undertake by opening the windows and bringing fire element colors into space. Open windows will allow fresh, vibrant energy to infuse the area as you take on the stagnant, negative energy of all of your clutter. By incorporating the Feng Shui element of fire colors into the room, you boost the energy of yourself and the space you are de-cluttering.

Diffusing essential oils in the space and using natural herbal incense while you work are also great tools for raising the space’s vibrational frequency, making it easier to identify and remove low-frequency energy-draining clutter.

#2. Time of renewal

For example, spring (hence, “spring cleaning”) is the beginning of a wet or dry season or after a significant life change such as a move or a marriage. At these times of renewal, whether in nature or your personal life, you have a different perspective that allows you to more honestly and realistically decide what clutter needs to go and what isn’t.

#3. Feng Shui says clear clutter from the main entry

In Feng Shui, the door is where opportunity knocks, both literally and figuratively. With your door, you want to make it welcoming and easy for people to enter! Clutter makes an entryway less welcoming and possibly even makes it more difficult for people to enter, which comes across as negative energy. This is critical because the state of the main entrance to your home determines the quality of the energy that will circulate throughout your home.

Make sure nothing is blocking your door and, therefore, the flow of chi, remove any items that don’t have a purpose by either donating them or moving them to a more functional place in the home and relocate all necessary items such as keys or shoes to a specific, organized place such as a drawer or shoe rack.

#4. Inspire me and give me energy?

For every item, ask this critical question. If the answer is no, why are you holding on to it? Why do you want to keep something that doesn’t inspire and give you energy? Be patient and persistent. Toss it into the “donate” box. Remember that everything around us is either feeding us with inspiration or draining us of it. What do you want your home to be filled with?

#5. What do I want to keep?

Use psychological principles to help you de-clutter with Feng Shui. When we ask, “what do I want to get rid of?” it is more challenging to get rid of things because we feel a greater sense of ownership over them. When we ask, “what do I want to keep?” we allow the default option, getting rid of things, making it easier to do so at only keep what we desire to possess.

#6. Establish new rules for items

Once you de-clutter, you don’t want the clutter to start building up again. Make rules and stick to them about what you’ll allow into your space.

A great rule to follow is the one-in-one-out rule. This means that when you get something new, you let go of something old. Another great practice is to look for quality over quantity. Useless things of higher quality rather than a more significant number of low-quality items. This will raise the energetic frequency of your space and contribute to less clutter and more inspiration!

Feng Shui is crucial to a life full of joy, good energy, abundance, and love. Don’t let the clutter in your home discourage you from starting; don’t let it hold you back from living your best life.

The hardest part is starting. Once you begin, the positive energy you receive will motivate you and push you to continue until your entire space is free of low energy and stagnant clutter. Then your primary mission will be to keep it that way!

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