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Hexagram 1 iChing: Force – I Ching 1 Interpretation Video

What Is I Ching Hexagram 1 All About?

Ch’ien is the Chinese name of the I Ching Hexagram 1. It has both upper and lower trigrams consisting of pure Yang lines (heaven over heaven). Also, people call it the ‘force’ or named ‘the creative,’ ‘strong action,’ and ‘the key.’ I Ching 1 represents the creative inspiration from heaven. This influences the caster to start preparing to achieve personal objectives.


Thus, I Ching 1 is an exciting symbol with lots of Yang power to reinforce the meaning. Hence, the name ‘force,’ Hexagram 1 is a call to immediate action. Now is the time to start analyzing personal goals. Also, research what methods you can successfully accomplish. Heavenly influence will help guide the caster to know which path to take. Therefore, inspiration and creativity increase when you plan thoroughly.

I Ching 1 meaning - Hexagram 1 Force

I Ching Hexagram 1 Interpretation and Meaning

Hexagram 1 is a divine inspiration to start making detailed plans for either goals or a new project. Beware of the immense sensation to start running toward achievements without proper planning. Before deciding on one form of action, make sure the plan has complete details. It should also sound reasonable.


Great understanding comes from speaking out loud the process. This might be a technical graph or simply a written plan. Visualizing each step of the plan will help in preparing to utilize the chosen path to gain the achievement. Being impatient will only ruin your potential for greatness.


I Ching Hexagram 1 Goals – Personal Goals

Hexagram 1 can cause a frenzy in the personal life. This is due to the current increase of potential fights to find more Yin, or shape. Nothing is more exciting than gaining the understanding of personal potential. But with this new powerful motivator, attitude is going to play a major part in any developed plan.

With a full Yang power behind each event, make sure to find time to enjoy life. The present is always changing. And, the force behind this symbol will not last forever. Success needs proper planning. But, do not worry. This new inspiration has divine influence. This will bring peace and calm feelings when executing a well thought out plan.


I Ching Hexagram 1 Love – Love Interpretation

Have compassion on those around you. Especially, with your partner who might be having low self-esteem issues once recognizing this new potential. Take this time to discover the initiative in love. Pursue a new relationship or take the lead in a current one.

I Ching Hexagram Number 1 – Career and Business

The increased productivity at work might be irritating those around you. So, prevent resentment amongst your co-workers. Make sure to show kindheartedness towards others. Pride can often take over when developing your plans for a major triumph. This can lead to boasting your ideas to others.

This should not be a method for executing your plans. First put into place your process with a clear head. Being able to keep in check your attitude will help you maintain a secure pathway to success.

The achievement has many meanings and may not apply to a career or personal talents. But, it might apply in love towards friends, family, and partners. Make plans to repair a tattered relationship between a friend or family member. Or, look to starting a new relationship with a long time crush.

iChing 1 Judgment – The Judgment Poem

THE CREATIVE works sublime success,
Furthering through perseverance.

iChing 1 Poem – The Image Poem

The movement of heaven is full of power.
Thus the superior man makes himself strong and untiring.

iChing 1 – Conclusion

I Ching 1 asks you to always seek harmony in the development of any plan. Darkness is residing during this time of ‘force’ as inner light increases. The way is clear where before the pathway was fuzzy. Previous difficult experiences often keep someone from reaching their full potential. You might have problems gaining success or taking the lead to achieve true love.

With full moving lines of the Hexagram 1, change is going to occur as you seek out change. Take this time to achieve greatness. Don’t hold back any effort as the way is ready. Keep your heart and mind open upon this path. And, remember to share your kindness with those you interact with. Enjoy the ride that the Chinese I Ching Hexagram 1 brings.

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