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Hexagram 17: Following – I Ching 17 Interpretation Video

What Is I Ching Hexagram 17 All About?

Sui is the Chinese name of the I Ching Hexagram 17. This has inner and outer trigrams forming a lake or thunder. This Hexagram is called ‘following’ and has no alternative names. Hexagram 17 symbolizes the importance of leadership but also how to become a better leader.


Everyone learns and understands in different ways. By appealing to these different learning forms, a leader can be successful. It’s important to include periods of rest in any project or plan.

It is easy to influence others when we are performing each duty according to work regulations or company rules. If we are breaking the laws set in place by our leaders, then we can’t be upset when our team members start to act the same way.

I Ching 17 meaning - Hexagram 17 Following

I Ching Hexagram 17 Interpretation and Meaning

The main form of leadership the Hexagram 17 Yijing represents is leading others by being a good example. By being honest and upholding high morals, we are then able to influence others to do the same.


Hexagram 17 also represents a time when we should not only lead by example. Commit to plans that will have areas of rest in them. Leadership isn’t about constantly giving instructions and orders. Bring balance into a team atmosphere. This can relate to both the work area and the family unit.

Reward hard work with the ability to rest and enjoy the success that comes from diligent effort. When we serve those we work with, we are then able to understand the dynamic of the team. Rewarding teammates helps raise the morale of the workforce. It shows the team members that the leader does care about each other.


I Ching Hexagram 17 Goals – Personal Goals

It is through our example as a mentor or leaders that we can give the most influence and inspiration to others. Sometimes for progress to continue, we must learn to balance our lives. This is how you become a good leader. Our life paths might often be shifting, and obstacles are constantly arising. Then, it becomes difficult to lead others when it is, in turn, difficult to lead ourselves.

I Ching Hexagram 17 Love – Love Interpretation

There comes a time when we, in turn, must learn from examples. Sometimes we have a hard time communicating with loved ones. Then, we need to ask to see how to get over obstacles before we can do it ourselves. We can all recall a person in our life that inspires and encourages us to become a better person. Hexagram 17 resembles the ability of leaders to be inspirational to others.


I Ching Hexagram Number 17 – Career and Business

Integrity is important in career and business. New associates are the most influential when they start in the work environment. These types of learners are going to look towards the group leader and mimic how he or she acts.

When placed in these types of leadership roles, we must then watch how we complete our daily work. We also have to see whether it should be the same method that would be used by the new associate.

Sometimes, these methods don’t match or abide by work regulations. Then eventually, someone will discover that multiple people are not completing the work correctly. This can then lead to repercussions.

iChing 17 Judgment – The Judgment Poem

FOLLOWING has supreme success.
Perseverance furthers. No blame.

iChing 17 Poem – The Image Poem

Thunder in the middle of the lake:
The image of FOLLOWING.
Thus the superior man at nightfall
Goes indoors for rest and recuperation.

iChing 17 – Conclusion

In any leadership setting, there will be people or teammates that rely on the leader. They do so to ensure the success of any laid-out plan. A leader should not have a large ego. Then, it prevents that leader from being able to see each teammate for what they are worth. Every member of a team is important.

I Ching 17 says if a leader can help serve his or her team, then his actions will influence those members. They will start to behave similarly. Sometimes it is hard to understand how our actions can impact others. We never know who is truly watching in. Till we see others replicate our positive actions in the same environment.

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