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Feng Shui Rules For Every Room In Your Home

How To Feng Shui Every Room In Your Home?

Feng Shui rules go back thousands of years. There were wise Feng Shui masters in these ancient times, exploring the unseen mystical dimensions of the Universal energy. They called these energy symbols chi. There are negative chi and positive chi well believed by these masters influencing us today. Their apparent goal, it seems, was to influence this energy on the environment as we humans. Many factors influence the application of how to Feng Shui every room in your home.


The local environment should also be considered generally. The entire application of these rules is said to bring about a strong positive energy flow. Let us look at the negative rules first. Feng Shui can be a potent healer, as well as the ultimate destroyer. Believing this, I will list some of these rules in a particular order as I have known to apply them:

Feng Shui Rules For Each Room In The House

1. Houses (Negative chi)

It may not always be possible to apply all of these rules to established dwellings. You can, however, make a difference by changing some things. Suppose you are buying a house or building a new dwelling, consider these facts.


    1. Houses below street level are a no-go. Feng Shui believes houses should be higher than street levels. It is believed these houses can receive bad results. Some practitioners of Western Feng Shui believe financial evil may result as well to those who live there.
    2. Cul-de-sacs are dead-end roads that lead to nowhere. These are definitely out. They bring negative chi.
    3. Similarly, houses close to or on-road intersections are said to bring ‘poison arrows’ into the house—too much bad chi.
    4. If a house has a vehicle entrance, make sure it ends at the house and does not wander off to a backyard and away. This is not considered to be a friendly invitation.
    5. Houses seen at roundabouts will indicate no direct route to the home. An endless circle is not good, similarly around the house.


What are Feng Shui Rules for Negative Chi?

  1. Negative chi is said to be present if it is close to a power station or switch yard. There are magnetic forces around these places.
  2. The aura of the dead where spirits leave, such as a graveyard, brings negative chi. Steer well away from graveyards.
  3. Old car lots or junk properties full of clutter bring unwanted negative chi, especially if unattended.
  4. A house on the rise is said to make it difficult to approach bad chi provided it is not too high up. Steep slopes should be avoided.
  5. Lastly, a house should be openly visible and not shrouded in bushes or old trees. This blocks the path of good chi and may harbor evil chi.

There are obviously more aspects to the dedicated practitioner that may be revealed here.


2. Inside The House (positive chi)

To influence and attract this positive chi, the occupants of houses should be clean and tidy. Well-established routines and practices bring a sense of positive chi to the inside of the home.

A clean environment will cause more positive energy. Hygiene is an essential practice in the house. Try a few simple rules to ensure a good Feng Shui practice, such as: Keep the house tidy without leaving old or dirty clothes lying around. Please keep them in their place and ensure the correct place.

Positive Chi

  • Make sure the house is clean, and tidy with no trash lying about. Clean the house regularly, leaving no dust or dirt. Tidy, organized houses have good or positive energy.
  • Walls should be clean, and free from dust, dirt, and cobwebs.
  • Fixtures and fittings should be in good repair, replace broken lights in rooms.
  • Keep windows clean and shiny, letting good energy enter the house.
  • Don’t leave kitchen items open. Keep it closed. Wash the dirty dishes.
  • Make sure taps in all rooms having basins etc., do not drip. Good working household essentials bring essential energy.
  • Doors need to operate correctly; oil hinges and locks, make sure they work correctly and close properly. Half-open doors clutter the interior and look untidy.
  • Curtains must close properly, dirty or torn curtains provide all essential barriers, especially in bedrooms at night, to ensure good sleep.
  • It may not be possible to rearrange designated rooms such as bathrooms and kitchens physically, but certain rules apply to these rooms to ensure that a measure of Feng Shui rules is in place.

Generally speaking, one can help attract positive chi energy by applying basic Feng Shui principles

3. Kitchen

Empty sinks and make sure they are clean. Don’t leave dishes in soak. They clutter up the room. No food should be visible. Appliances should also be clean. Clean the interior refrigerators, microwaves, and grillers after use.

Do not keep clothes inside washing machines and dryers. Floors, doors, and windows should be kept clean. All these practices applied in the kitchen make for a tidy room and free energy flow through them.

4. Bathrooms

Bathrooms are sources of clean water, so flush toilets, and close toilet lids before flushing. Water is one of the most powerful forces of nature and one of the Feng Shui elements.

A dark mat around the base of a toilet will influence the escape of harmful germs protecting us at all times. Mirrors can influence Chi’s path in many ways; hence, placing a mirror behind the bathroom door contains harmful chi in the room.

5. Bed Rooms

Bedrooms provide complete relaxation and intimacy, So replace sharp-edged tables with small round tables. Aromatherapy burners or maybe Palm Wax candle burners will provide good vibes in the bedroom. But don’t place beds under beams or across from a door and definitely not in front of a window. Try not to sleep facing a door is not good. Curtains or blinds provide that all-important ‘wall’ against which you should sleep. A solid headboard would provide a good sleep area.

Lastly, and probably not least, when we consider all the Feng Shui rules written by the masters, the outside of the house and garden.

6. Outside And Surroundings

We have established a clean, well-organized house following some simple rules that will be full of good positive energy. So the entrance to the home and the outside should be well-kept. Rake up leaves, and remove old or dead shrubbery to ensure a free and tidy entrance to your front door.

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