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8 Quirky Feng Shui Ideas

What are some Quirky Feng Shui Ideas?

Feng Shui has many sub-branches developed from the concept. It was an art, focusing on the balance of energy and orientation. Feng Shui was on tombs, as the Chinese practiced ancestral worship. Eight Feng Shui ideas might be quirky but seem normal to others.


Feng Shui consists of different schools, each with different formulations and focus. Hence, sometimes, the information would clash and confuse. To understand this idea, first, one must know that the rice bowl means “source of income” for a typical Chinese. When someone says they lost their rice bowl, they lost their job. Finding gold rice bowls with a golden pair of chopsticks is no use.


Hence, it might be strange to see people chucking bowls when they are chipped or have slight damage. But it is terrible in Feng Shui to use an imperfect bowl. It symbolizes problems at work.

Throwing away broken bowls:

Even throwing away broken or damaged bowls requires care: most masters recommend wrapping the bowl in red paper before throwing it away to avoid bad luck following.


Another strange idea is the longevity bowl. These bowls are pretty rare, as they serve bowls from a funeral specifically for a person who has lived over a hundred years. These bowls usually go missing as people recognize their value in Feng Shui. For children, the longevity bowl helps keep them away from harm and improves their life span.

#2. Broom

The lesson is that all brooms and mops must be kept hidden because cleaning items threaten wealth luck. Sweeping the floor on the first day of the Lunar New Year is considered bad luck, but somehow you can vacuum it up without an issue. Might it be due to sucking up wealth and still retaining it?


Another taboo is placing a broom outside the front door, as it deters the wealth god. However, if you expect someone unsavory to turn up and do not want to deal with that person, placing a broom with its head on the door would deter unwanted guests.

A broom is a powerful Feng Shui object as it is a tool to keep the house clean from dust, and it is an energy mover by its sweeping motion. Hence Is significant in inviting or uninviting energy. So it is a double-edged sword in Feng Shui and must be used cautiously.

#3. Wallet

You might think that your wallet is something you put money in. In Feng Shui, it has tremendous wealth and luck potential. A wrong cheap wallet with holes will cost you money, as wealth leaks out from these holes.

If you are giving a wallet as a gift, do not offer an empty wallet, particularly to a loved one. So put a coin or a few dollars in it to ‘charge’ the wallet’s potential energy.

You cannot throw away a wallet empty, as the wealth of luck needs to be ‘transferred’ from the old to the new wallet. To do the transfer, fill the old wallet with expired credit cards or fake money to symbolize a ‘complete end’ or success, moving your good wealth luck to the new wallet. Do not give the old wallet to charity or another person, as you might give away your wealth.

4. Watch your back

An important idea, even if it might sound quirky. Always sit with your back against a concrete wall or a sturdy cupboard, especially when the chair is in your wealth area at home or in the office.

The wall offers ‘support’ in terms of Feng Shui so that you will receive ample support in your ventures and projects. Another tip is to hang a big mountain on the wall to signify ‘support mountain’ or backing/ protection. Make sure the mountain has no water elements like lakes, although a waterfall might be acceptable.

Bookcases and bookshelves with glass doors are unacceptable, as the support structure and sitting with your back against an entry will get back stabbed. Sitting facing a wall means facing obstacles or walls in your career. To remedy this, place a good luck symbol on the wall, so you have a better chance of facing challenges

#5. Shoes

Shoes sound like ‘harmony’ in Mandarin Chinese, but it sounds like a sigh in Cantonese Chinese. But there are many quirky ideas revolving around shoe Feng Shui.

In Feng Shui, choosing shoes with the wrong fit invites trouble and pain, so shoes must be selected for their comfort factor. Do not re-wear old shoes, mainly if it was second-hand, as old shoes are also thought to be ‘broken in’ shoes, meaning there would be breaks in career, relationships, or marriages.

In particular, girls love to have many shoes, which would not be surprising. When that happens, the shoes become old, bringing bad luck to the owner. The best tip is to have enough to wear all regularly and get rid of them when you no longer wear them quickly.

#6. Mirror

You can do many things with a mirror in Feng Shui, and there are also many things you should not do with it. It is a double edge sword, mainly used as a cure or double, but if misused, it can cause double the grief to the user. The most important thing about using mirrors is to avoid them reflecting. But the quirky idea is to place a mirror to reflect beams over your head if you cannot avoid being under it.

In Feng Shui, sitting or sitting under a beam is equivalent to being squashed under it. Use a mirror to reflect the beam away from you to make it disappear.

Doubling Effect of Mirror

While the mirror reflects light into the house, bringing it lighter and hence more good luck, you can also remember certain items to ‘double up’ the chance, such as a mirror next to your wealth corner to double it.

The main reason one should not be place mirrors to reflect your bed is that Chinese culture states that the mirror can suck in your soul when sleeping. The mirror will reflect yin energy, not yang energy, as the bed is where you sleep at night.

So too much yin energy makes you uninspired or causes you to lose motivation when you wake up. It might sound quirky, but those nice oversized mirror closets have to go.

#7. Books

It sounds similar to “lose” in Chinese. Hence, they get upset when seeing someone reading a book at home. The dining area usually is where the luck sits, and having books there would mean a losing streak for gamblers.

In Feng Shui, books usually belong in a study or a private area,  So to appease the gambler, give something red to symbolize good luck. But if you are pregnant, sit next to the gambler. You have an “extra pair of eyes” to look after the gambler, helping win the game. To help study luck or pass an exam, place either a figurine of a carp jumping upwards towards the dragon’s gate or the Four Jewels of Study on the study table.

#8. New Home

You must follow the essential things when entering a new home, family, and valuables. If you do not have any valuables, at least have a wallet full of cash.

This quirky Feng Shui idea beats having a champagne bottle around moving into a new home.

So the first thing you must do is step into your new abode. But all members must have at least two, as it means “complete” and “togetherness.”

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