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Hexagram 62 iChing: Small Surpassing – I Ching 62 Video

What Is I Ching Hexagram 62 All About?

Hsaio Kup is the Chinese name of the I Ching Hexagram 62. This has inner and outer trigrams forming thunder over the mountain. People call this Hexagram ‘small surpassing’ or ‘preponderance of the small’ or ‘small surpassing.’


Hexagram 62 Yijing shows the importance of taking one step at a time to gain success. It takes smaller accomplishments to work up to a much larger achievement. Making a plan that has several milestones will help lead to the end goal. Now is the time to achieve success through smaller tasks instead of one big action.

I Ching 62 meaning - Hexagram 62 Small Surpassing

I Ching Hexagram 62 Interpretation and Meaning

Most of the time, it is impossible to complete something in one swoop of effort. It takes time to accomplish greatness and it starts by making small accomplishments. Hexagram 62 shows the importance of focusing on the small details instead of just the big picture.


It is easy to become distracted by the larger things in life. Often our thoughts turn to what is happening later in the week. Or what you need to do before the day is over. Having a family meal around the dinner table might be a small action. But it has a great and lasting effect.

Take ten minutes out of the day to meditate and clear your mind. It is the small actions throughout the day that can help maintain a healthy lifestyle. We can accomplish much. But we cannot if we are not willing to focus on the smaller aspects of life.


I Ching Hexagram 62 Goals – Personal Goals

If you want to create and produce a new product, where do you start? First comes the idea, then comes the first, second, and third revisions of the sample. This is followed by a prototype to show a company, and finally the finished product.

I Ching 62 says there are steps you need to take to reach the end goal. But it should be noted that you have to complete the small parts first to reach the end. The idea did not first come followed by a business proposal. All aspects of success start with a well-thought-out plan that has steps to achieve. Small goals help complete a much larger goal.


I Ching Hexagram 62 Love – Love Interpretation

When strengthening a relationship, make sure to focus on the small details. We don’t need to show our affection by producing one major event. But we can do so by doing small things to show we care. A small bouquet can have more meaning than a piece of jewelry. Take time out of the day to talk with your partner and hear what they have to say.

This can have a bigger effect than going out to an event. Focus on the smaller parts of a relationship such as communication. Do not worry about the direction in which the relationship is going. This will help you realize what is most important in life. A successful relationship comes from taking one step at a time.

I Ching Hexagram Number 62 – Career and Business

I Ching Yijing 62 says perhaps, you are constantly worried about a deadline even though there are several days before the project is due. The point is, that we fill our lives with multiple tasks. Then, we are unable to see the smaller things in life.

iChing 62 Judgment – The Judgment Poem

Perseverance furthers.
Small things may be done; great things should not be done.
The flying bird brings the message:
It is not well to strive upward,
It is well to remain below.
Great good fortune.

iChing 62 Poem – The Image Poem

Thunder on the mountain:
Thus in his conduct, the superior man gives preponderance to reverence.
In bereavement, he gives preponderance to grief.
In his expenditures, he gives preponderance to thrift.

iChing 62 – Conclusion

Accomplishing small tasks first can often help keep the flow of encouragement pushing forward. Putting all of your time into one large task is not a good idea. Then, it is possible to lose interest in the project and want to start something different.

Setting small milestones takes our focus away from the daunting distance between the start and the beginning. This gives us small goals to complete. Slow and steady progress while focusing on the small details will make the journey feel less scary. Hexagram 62 says you can start to enjoy life once again.

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