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I Ching Hexagram 10: 履 “Correct Conduct” – Lu

What Is I Ching Hexagram 10: “Correct Conduct” ?

Lu is the Chinese name of the I Ching Hexagram 10. With inner and outer trigrams forming sky over water, this Hexagram is called ‘correct conduct’ or alternatively named ‘treading’ or ‘continuing’. Hexagram 10 symbolizes emotional readiness on how to conduct ourselves in certain situations. It’s a time of reviewing our inner feelings and how they are affecting the business and love aspects of life.

Hexagram 10 calls for a time to review and strengthening social skills. By thinking about current events and behaviors, it is then possible to remove the bad behavior and replace them with more productive emotions. It is easy to have feelings of envy and jealousy when we look at the possessions and success of others.

Interpretation & Meaning of IChing Hexagram 10: 履 "Correct Conduct" - Lu

Interpretation & Meaning of Hexagram 10:

Hexagram 10 reminds the caster to push aside feelings of jealousy as soon as they arise in order to show respect and goodwill towards others. How often do we long to have what others have obtained? These emotions are perfectly human and will arise several times on our life path.

It is easy to become tangled up in emotions of want and greed. To view others based on their possessions and not their personalities will never allow a viewer to see the true form of that person. Instead treat others with respect in order to gain success.

I Ching Hexagram 10 – Personal Goals:

The journey through life can be successful as we take one phase and focus on it before moving on. Reviewing personal actions and behavior helps to mold the type of person we want to become. Not necessarily what we want to achieve, but how we are going to achieve success based on our inner attitude towards others and life.

I Ching Hexagram 10 – Love:

To those we love and cherish, it’s important to always be kind and respectful. From a young age, we are taught to show respect to our parents and to our elders. As we grow older, this is a lesson we continue to uphold and teach to the rising generation. There is much wisdom that is preserved when taking care of those who are much older than us.

When we have siblings that are more successful, we should continue to encourage and uplift them. Be good to your spouse and treat your partner with respect. Being jealous is a treacherous business that will often lead to more trouble. You never know when someone else’s success can lead to a better future for you.

I Ching Hexagram 10 – Career & Business:

There are many types of people we will interact with in life, both in school and in the work area. Some of them will become close friends and allies while others we will always feel cold towards. No matter the case, we should always treat others with respect, especially those we don’t know or understand.

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It is possible to kill with kindness. By showing others goodwill, it can inspire a dark person to turn towards the light. Showing respect to others in a business environment will lead to success.


TREADING. Treading upon the tail of the tiger.
It does not bite the man. Success.


Heaven above, the lake below:
The image of TREADING.
Thus the superior man discriminates between high and low,
And thereby fortifies the thinking of the people.


We cannot help what others may do when it comes to their attitudes and actions. Instead we must always be an example onto others on proper conduct. Many times we will be hurt by the words of others that can spark anger and rage, but Hexagram 10 is a reminder to always have respect and kindness towards others.

Now is the time to work on these social skills and a form of discipline that will help aid behaviors in all social settings. What we learn from this time of personal review will help prepare for future social events that will play a key part in our success, both in the work place and in the personal life.

The 64 Hexagrams

1乾 Force Ch’ien2坤 Field K’un
3屯 Difficult in the Beginning Chun4蒙 Youthful Folly Meng
5需 Waiting Hsu6訟 Conflict Sung
7師 Integrity Shih8比 Holding Together Pi
9小畜 Attention To Detail Hsiao Ch’u10履 Correct Conduct Lu
11泰 Peace T’ai12否 Stagnation P’i
13同人 Fellowship T’ung Jen14大有 Abundance Ta Yu
15謙 Humbling Ch’ien16豫 Enthusiasm Yu
17隨 Following Sui18蠱 Correcting Ku
19臨 Nearing Lin20觀 Observation Kuan
21噬嗑 Biting Through Shih Ho22賁 Grace Pi
23剝 Splitting Apart Po24復 Returning Fu
25無妄 Innocence Wu Wang26大畜 Great Accumulating Ta Ch’u
27頤 Nourishment I28大過 Preponderance of the Great Ta Kuo
29坎The Abysmal K’an30離Radiance Li
31咸Courtship Hsien32恆Constancy Heng
33遯 Retreat Tun34大壯 Great Invigorating Ta Chuang
35晉 Progress Chin36明夷 Darkening of the Light Ming I
37家人 The Family Chai Jen38睽 Opposition K’uei
39蹇 Obstruction Chien40解 Deliverance Hsieh
41損 Decrease Sun42益 Increase I
43夬 Displacement Kuai44姤 Coming to Meet Kou
45萃 Gathering Together Ts’ui46升 Ascending Sheng
47困 Exhaustion K’un48井 The Well Ching
49革 Revolution Ko50鼎 The Cauldron Ting
51震 The Arousing Chen52艮 Stilling Ken
53漸 Gradual Progress Chien54歸 妹 The Marrying Maiden Kuei Mei
55豐 Abundance Feng56旅 The Wanderer Lu
57巽 Ground Sun58兌 Open Tui
59渙 Dispersion Huan60節 Limitation Chieh
61中孚 Center Returning Chung Fu62小 過 Small Surpassing Hsaio Kup
63既 濟 After Completion Chi Chi64未 濟 Before Completion Wei Chi
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