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I Ching Hexagram Judgment Image

64 Hexagram Of I Ching – Judgment And Image

Let us take a look at the judgment and image for each of the 64 hexagram of the I Ching, their meaning, significance, and importance.

1. The Creative

Judgment of Hexagram 1 – Force – Ch’ien

This implies that you will achieve success, which comes from the depths of sublime reality.

However, it can be achieved through only one possible method, that of perseverance and essentially treading on the right path.


Image of Hexagram 1 – Force – Ch’ien

This model means that you should develop and nurture your powers in such a manner, that it creates a lasting influence on everyone around you. Anything impure or considered to be degrading should be erased from your surroundings so that your inner self can be strengthened.

I Ching 1 meaning - Hexagram 1 Force

2. The Receptive

Judgment of Hexagram 2 – Field – K’un

This implies that you need to accomplish a particular goal/s in life, and once you get set for it, you need to search for friends and helpers who will assist you in achieving your goal. You should search for guidance in the west and south directions, since only then will your powers be fully manifested, leading to the achievement of goals.

I Ching 2 meaning - Hexagram 2 Field

Image of Hexagram 2 – Field – K’un

This model means that you should be more receptive, like the planet Earth, which harbors both good and evil. You should purify your inner self, and attempt to strengthen your surroundings so that you achieve smooth success.


3. Difficulty at the Beginning

Judgment of Hexagram 3 – Difficulty in the Beginning – Chun

This reveals that there may be unforeseen dangers when you first set foot on the path to success. There will be a lot of initial obstacles. However, you should feel properly inspired to overcome all these difficulties and acquire friends who can help and guide you in your quest for success.

I Ching 3 meaning - Hexagram 3 Difficulty in the Beginning

Image of Hexagram 3 – Difficulty in the Beginning – Chun

There is the image of clouds and thunder, which means that although there will be chaos and confusion at the beginning of your life, order will also be implicitly set within it. Your task should therefore be to sort out this confusion and put things in their proper place to methodically achieve success.


4. Youthful Folly

Judgment of Hexagram 4 – Youthful Folly – Meng

This applies both to the pupil as well as to the teacher. On the one hand, if you are young and inexperienced, you are prone to committing a mistake, but then you should also seek the advice of an oracle or a teacher who can guide you. At the same time, the teacher should also give you sound advice, which is practical and helpful as well.

I Ching 4 meaning - Hexagram 4 Youthful Folly

Image of Hexagram 4 – Youthful Folly – Meng

The image displayed here is that of a spring, which signifies that water will continuously flow out of it, and fill out any gaps on the ground. Similarly, you should also be steady and focused, while continuously working on success, which will automatically fill out any gaps in your life.


5. Waiting (Nourishment)

Judgment of Hexagram 5 – Waiting – Hsu

This means you cannot afford to be impatient and should wait for your chance at success. In this context, your perseverance and inner strength of character should help you a great deal. Success does not come in a day, and you will gain it only through persistence with your objectives.

I Ching 5 meaning - Hexagram 5 Waiting

Image of Hexagram 5 – Waiting – Hsu

The image displayed here is that of gathering clouds in the sky, which leads to rain. So there is nothing else to do but wait for the rain to finish. Similarly, in life, you need to wait for the time when success will come to you, and only your inner strength of character will help you persevere.

6. Conflict

Judgment of Hexagram 6 – Conflict – Sung

Whenever you think you are right about something, and others oppose you in that very matter, the possibility of conflict will arise. On the contrary, if you know you are not right, you might try to resolve conflict in a cunning and crafty manner, but will never face up to your opponent directly.

I Ching 6 meaning - Hexagram 6 Conflict

Image of Hexagram 6 – Conflict – Sung

The implicit imagery of heaven and water in this case signifies that opposite tendencies that differ from person to person are the actual cause of conflict. So to avoid this at the start, you should attempt to harmonize your relations with others in a group, and also consider all possibilities in advance.

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