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Hexagram 38: Opposition – I Ching 38 Interpretation Video

What Is I Ching Hexagram 38 All About?

K’uei is the Chinese name of the I Ching Hexagram 38. This has inner and outer trigrams forming fire over the lake. People call this Hexagram ‘opposition’ or ‘polarizing’ or ‘perversion.’

Hexagram 38 resembles the lack of communication due to a conflict or problem. To find progression, initiate communication to find reconciliation.


When there is a conflict in a relationship, you need to take the time to speak with a partner. Or else, this can lead to a disaster. Lack of communication within the workplace means an incomplete project. Then, all members of a team become lost.

When fighting with someone, it is essential to take the initiative to speak to find closure. But do so with a clear mind and without emotion. These are the only ways to avoid reacting rashly.

I Ching 38 meaning - Hexagram 38 Opposition

I Ching Hexagram 38 Interpretation and Meaning

Hexagram 38 Yijing speaks about the need for communication to pass through a difficult time. No matter the type of communication, make sure you initiate it during periods of conflict.


It is often the only way to find a solution till this period is complete. Sometimes, people in the world wish to cause us harm intentionally. They often seek to cause an irrational reaction within us.

I Ching Hexagram 38 Goals – Personal Goals

It can be hard to speak openly about inner emotions or turmoil to clear the space of any negativity. This action can be called ‘getting something off your chest.’ In doing so, you can resolve a conflict, and progress can continue again.


It takes great strength to do this and you must do it with a clear mind to make the communication transparent. Getting the mind rid of fear or worry allows for communication to start. And the possibility to get closer is obtainable.

I Ching Hexagram 38 Love – Love Interpretation

I Ching 38 says we have conflicts with a loved one or someone who inspires strong emotion. But, it is important not to speak harshly to prevent pain. It is easy to shut down and not say anything at all as we listen to what others need to say.


When we refuse to communicate, it makes it impossible for the conflict to close. Instead, try to stay emotionless and speak about the problem. Being silent for too long will only make the problem worse.

Sometimes it is wise to step away to ‘cool down’ the situation. But remember to return to the position to finish the conversation. Communication is going to be the only solution to this problem.

I Ching Hexagram Number 38 – Career and Business

In the work area, when there is a lack of communication, it then becomes impossible for productivity to continue. Sometimes, members of a team don’t understand what is happening or how to complete the work properly. Then, there arises the possibility of error and the creation of roadblocks within the progression.

Clear and frequent communication is necessary for all members of a team to work efficiently on their own. Constant checkups and independent conversation are necessary. This will make sure each member of the team understands what is going on within the team as a whole.

Daily meetings in the morning can allow the announcement of progress checks. Then,  each team member understands what is going on with the different parts of the team. When there is a lack of communication, then the group cannot function as one.

iChing 38 Judgment – The Judgment Poem

OPPOSITION. In small matters, good fortune.

iChing 38 Poem – The Image Poem

Above, fire; below. The lake.
The image of OPPOSITION.
Thus amid all fellowship
The superior man retains his individuality.

iChing 38 – Conclusion

Difficult situations call for a response that is without emotion. It is hard to refrain from lashing out against others who wish to injure us. But speaking without a feeling attached will help dismiss the conflict altogether.

Hexagram 38 shows that when faced with an obstacle, communication is the only way out. Communicating with a clear mind will be the only way to overcome the problem.

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