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I Ching Hexagram 2: 坤 “Field” – K’un

What Is I Ching Hexagram 2: “Field”?

K’un is the Chinese name of the I Ching Hexagram 2. With both upper and lower trigrams consisting of pure Yin lines (earth over earth), it is called ‘the receptive’ or alternatively named ‘field’ or ‘the flow’. This hexagram is the complement to the creative inspired Hexagram 1. The Receptive finishes and completes the Force and together they are the balance of Yin-Yang. Hexagram 1 has pure Yang lines that show movement into the pure Yin lines of Hexagram 2. The Receptive is as powerful as the Force but carries a higher warning.

Hexagram 2 is a time for opportunity, but unlike the immense planning that is instructed from Hexagram 1, The Receptive influences the caster to become open minded and aware of the people around them. This opportunity is a time to listen to others and the advice they are willing to share. There are many forms of advice and several people who will be willing to give personal or career guidance. But without opening the ears and humbling one’s self to the opinions of others, there can be no progress.

Interpretation & Meaning of IChing Hexagram 2: 坤 "Field" - K'un

Interpretation & Meaning of Hexagram 2:

The Chinese Hexagram 2 suggests that you should be willing to strike up a conversation with all those you meet throughout the day. Share with them different problems or issues you might be having in search for this advice that will help you progress. This will allow you to be proactive in finding solutions or simply gaining the guidance that is meant for you.

Do not allow fear or pride to fill the mind and destroy the opportunity to speak to loved ones or even co-workers. The characteristic of being open minded towards other’s opinions is not a form of weakness, but a sign of great strength. Never feel like the mind is weak if solutions cannot be discovered on a solo path.

There are those in the world who have gained great knowledge through overcoming similar situations in life. Sometimes it can be hard to inspire those with knowledge to share this wisdom with the raising generations. Being patient and respectful while listening to the advice of others. This can renew the speaker’s faith in society once again.

I Ching Hexagram 2 – Personal Goals:

If the advice comes from a teacher or counselor at school, ponder the advice of those with higher knowledge to understand how it applies to the present course of events. Changing subjects of study or taking on an additional class could be the key to future success.

I Ching Hexagram 2 – Love:

If the caster does not use this time to seek out advice, then they must be willing to take advice when it is given. Advice can come from a family member such as one’s parents, or it can come from a partner. It is sometimes hard to receive hard advice from those we love. But it is this type of advice that will help shape and mold the listener into a wiser person.

I Ching Hexagram 2 – Career & Business:

This is an opportunity to receive feedback from co-workers and supervisors in the work area. In order to progress, we must be able to see ourselves through another perspective which will allow repair in low performing fields.

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Ask for a performance review if one is not already scheduled at work or ask the opinion of your co-workers. Share the details of your work with fellow associates and their advice could help strengthen your project.


THE RECEPTIVE brings about sublime success,
Furthering through the perseverance of a mare.
If the superior man undertakes something and tries to lead,
He goes astray;
But if he follows, he finds guidance.
It is favorable to find friends in the west and south,
To forego friends in the east and north.
Quiet perseverance brings good fortune.


The earth’s condition is receptive devotion.
Thus the superior man who has breadth of character
Carries the outer world.


No matter the form in which the advice is given, either sought out or not, it is most important to remember that when receiving advice that the mind and heart are open. If advice is heard with vain ears or ignored, then progress cannot occur. Dismissing advice and not taking the time to review the information will only lead to self-destruction.

It can hurt any chances or opportunities that might be coming available. Plans will not be successful if advice is ignored due to pride. There is no way to complete this life without a little advice from others.

The 64 Hexagrams

1乾 Force Ch’ien2坤 Field K’un
3屯 Difficult in the Beginning Chun4蒙 Youthful Folly Meng
5需 Waiting Hsu6訟 Conflict Sung
7師 Integrity Shih8比 Holding Together Pi
9小畜 Attention To Detail Hsiao Ch’u10履 Correct Conduct Lu
11泰 Peace T’ai12否 Stagnation P’i
13同人 Fellowship T’ung Jen14大有 Abundance Ta Yu
15謙 Humbling Ch’ien16豫 Enthusiasm Yu
17隨 Following Sui18蠱 Correcting Ku
19臨 Nearing Lin20觀 Observation Kuan
21噬嗑 Biting Through Shih Ho22賁 Grace Pi
23剝 Splitting Apart Po24復 Returning Fu
25無妄 Innocence Wu Wang26大畜 Great Accumulating Ta Ch’u
27頤 Nourishment I28大過 Preponderance of the Great Ta Kuo
29坎The Abysmal K’an30離Radiance Li
31咸Courtship Hsien32恆Constancy Heng
33遯 Retreat Tun34大壯 Great Invigorating Ta Chuang
35晉 Progress Chin36明夷 Darkening of the Light Ming I
37家人 The Family Chai Jen38睽 Opposition K’uei
39蹇 Obstruction Chien40解 Deliverance Hsieh
41損 Decrease Sun42益 Increase I
43夬 Displacement Kuai44姤 Coming to Meet Kou
45萃 Gathering Together Ts’ui46升 Ascending Sheng
47困 Exhaustion K’un48井 The Well Ching
49革 Revolution Ko50鼎 The Cauldron Ting
51震 The Arousing Chen52艮 Stilling Ken
53漸 Gradual Progress Chien54歸 妹 The Marrying Maiden Kuei Mei
55豐 Abundance Feng56旅 The Wanderer Lu
57巽 Ground Sun58兌 Open Tui
59渙 Dispersion Huan60節 Limitation Chieh
61中孚 Center Returning Chung Fu62小 過 Small Surpassing Hsaio Kup
63既 濟 After Completion Chi Chi64未 濟 Before Completion Wei Chi
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