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Hexagram 45: Gathering Together – I Ching 45 Video

What Is I Ching Hexagram 45 All About?

Ts’ui is the Chinese name of the I Ching Hexagram 45. This has inner and outer trigrams forming a lake over Earth. People also call this Hexagram ‘gathering together,’ or ‘clustering’ or ‘finished.’

Hexagram 45 Yijing represents the importance of a group working together with a common goal in mind. Though, in every group, there will be those who don’t have the team member’s best interests in mind. Every team member should be working towards the same goal.


But there will always be those who only participate to prey on the weaknesses of others. This calls for a time when a leader needs to stand up to take control of the group. When this happens, a leader should always be honorable and willing to show the respect others deserve.

I Ching 45 meaning - Hexagram 45 Gathering Together

I Ching Hexagram 45 Interpretation and Meaning

Hexagram 45 symbolizes the importance of teamwork to ensure that you finish a large, difficult project successfully. This happens within the workplace and in the community. But the best relationships are those when both partners are working towards the same goal.


Unfortunately, not every team member will have the same intentions as those who are working hard. Sometimes people join a group under the impression of being willing to work hard with others. But they have a secret agenda. It is easier to take advantage of those who might be stressed or frustrated than to help others complete a task.

Those who wish to harm can influence others to think. Certain team members might not be working hard enough, or an individual might deserve more recognition than others. People who join team activities only to cause conflict should be made aware of this. Or, remove them from the team.


When conflict arises within a group, a leader can be nominated to oversee the progression of the team. They can help remove those who have no purpose. This position is significant in the progression of the team. But it must be understood to have a great responsibility.

Sometimes, a team leader might not be and not willing to help others. Then, it can be more difficult resolving conflict than finding a solution to a problem. But that is the original focus of the group.


A leader must have strong morals and show respect and kindness to all people. It does not matter what their influence is within the group. A great leader will have the ability to foresee conflicts that might arise within a group. He or she should be able to act quickly to resolve the issue.

I Ching Hexagram 45 Goals – Personal Goals

Any person can achieve greatness. But when a difficult issue arises, it sometimes calls for multiple people to work together. Only then can you find a solution to the problem?

I Ching Hexagram 45 Love – Love Interpretation

Relationships are the greatest example of a team effort. And, when two people are working towards the same goal, a strong bond is created. This will carry the couple much further than anticipated.

I Ching Hexagram Number 45 – Career and Business

Never fear to work with others to find a solution. But instead, be willing to donate time and effort to be a reliable member of a team. Give respect and kindness to others. It can be difficult for every team member to work together on a difficult project.

iChing 45 Judgment – The Judgment Poem

The king approaches his temple.
It furthers one to see the great man.
This brings success. Perseverance furthers.
To bring great offerings creates good fortune.
It furthers one to undertake something.

iChing 45 Poem – The Image Poem

Over the earth, the lake:
Thus the superior man renews his weapons
To meet the unforeseen.

iChing 45 – Conclusion

One can accomplish great things when people work together to find a solution or complete a difficult task. Never fear the need to ask others for advice to initiate a group effort. Teams can be large or very small consisting of just a few people.

I Ching 45 says it does not matter what type of group an individual participates in. It’s important to understand the common goal of the group. You need to put every effort into helping others complete the task at hand. Be conscious of everyone’s intent within the group to avoid conflict or miscommunication.

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