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The Fool – Meanings & Interpretation – Major Arcana

The Fool Meaning In A Tarot Reading

The Fool, at it’s core, represents the unfettered soul. Free of experience and prejudice, they are also free of fear, and therefore come into new events without the trepidation often experienced by those that know what they might expect.

This is both a benefit and a detriment to the Fool, their eyes are on the path ahead, or on the sky, but not at what is right in front of them. This can make the Fool easy to trick, to persuade, or to side-line.

But they also do not know what others believe is ‘NOT’ possible, and this makes them capable of greatness, new ideas, and innovation. They do not know a thing cannot be done, so they merrily set about to do it anyway. Sometimes they succeed.

Below we will discuss the elements of the Fool Card from the Major Arcana in various positions, as well as it’s orientation. (Upright or Reversed) Some sorts of decks do not use this form of orientation, others actually come with round cards that seek to utilize the subtle orientation off from ‘upright and center’ to determine the influences being brought out. The majority of tarot decks that I have seen and experienced all used the upright/inverted orientation types, and so shall I.

The Fool Tarot Card Meanings – Upright


Open minded, moving into the future blissfully unaware, not just disorganized, but lacking any form of plan what-so-ever. This is a powerful place to be in one’s life, as it leaves all doors open to you.

the fool uprightIn general the Fool in the upright position is indicating that you are free of presuppositions about a given situation, and are able to move freely through it.

Past Events:

The meaning is largely unchanged from the above, except that it indicates that you have moved beyond this state and into a new one.

Whether it has worked for you or not is going to be determined by your view of the situation, and will be further revealed by the tarot card in the present position.

Present Events:

Your current path forward is open to you and you are carrying the bright optimistic view of the universally untried. You find every position to be open to you, every option, and the future is almost blindingly bright. In this position the card is neither beneficial or detrimental, it is merely a statement of where you are.

Future Events:

In this position it represents a new unfettered beginning coming down the pipe. It may be a heads-up to keep an eye open for a new path, it may represent freedom from an existing stressful situation as you are set free into childlike innocence.

It is unlikely this is talking about any situation you are currently aware of, as that would imply foreknowledge and some modicum of planning, both things being antithetical to the overall meaning of this card.

The Fool Tarot Card Meanings – Reversed


Sometimes we wander into things foolishly, blindly. Taking no heed of the warning signs or the perils of the road ahead. This is the downside of the Fool, fool-hardy movement into an area, putting ourselves in dangers way, and generally being irresponsible and blind to the perils of life.the fool reversed

Past Events:

The meaning of this tarot card in the past means that we have been traveling a dangerous road without caution or care. It is a potential warning to observe your current circumstances, and see if you are still on this path.

Present Events:

You are at the beginning of a path you are proceeding on recklessly. Take time to examine your situation and determine what ways you can prepare, or perhaps avoid the path altogether.

It is important to realize that at this moment the cards are stating that you are unaware of the totality of your current situation. It’s time to reassess.

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Future Events:

This signifies that something is coming down the path that will have hidden dangers. Be aware of it coming, it will try to slip beneath your radar and seem harmless on the surface.

If something comes along that seems too good to be true. If you’re aware and cautious, you can divert this before it becomes an issue.

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