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Judgement – Meanings & Interpretation – Major Arcana

Judgement Meaning In A Tarot Reading

You have gone through all your trials, and had your moment in the sun. At this point it is the time of the final judgment. Your conviction is solidified and you know what you believe.

There are no hard questions anymore, just simple assessments and complete answers. When you’ve found your heart’s philosophy and truth, this is when Judgment will enter your life. At this point, the future is built on the absolutes of your truth.

Read on to know more about what this Judgement tarot card of the Rider Waite deck means in both the upright and reverse positions.

Judgement Tarot Card Meanings – Upright


There is little as affirming as knowing yourself, and knowing the truths your soul lives by. It allows you to stand in a place of making decisions from a point of absolute conviction. This represents not a conviction of ‘I think’ but a well-reasoned origin of ‘I know’.

judgement uprightPast Events:

You were in a scary place for a while, not knowing exactly what it was you believed or what was true, but you came through that and now you have no questions. The past isn’t a strange country anymore, but a place you can see clearly in the light of day. The situation called for you to call your horn to challenge those who would dismiss you, and sound it you did!

Present Events:

Ambiguity is gone, fear is gone, and uncertainty is gone. At this moment you stand high upon the pedestal of absolute knowledge of your truth. It is time to sound it, loud and clear, and to do so without fear. Those who have stood against you no longer that matters, all that matters is your newfound knowledge of who you are.

Future Events:

Coming down the path is a day where you will find it necessary to sound your truth. If you are not certain what that is yet, it will come and soon. In the meantime prepare to stand up for who you are and what you believe, when this time comes you will survive by virtue of this certainty, don’t flinch!

Judgement Tarot Card Meanings – Reversed


There is a dark side to absolute certainty, to a belief that we know our inner truth, know THE truth. And that dark side is where we are blinded to the truth of a situation by our own conviction. These are the circumstances that this tarot card indicates, that you are blinded by your own ‘truth’ to what the actual truth is.

judgement reversedPast Events:

You encountered a situation in the recent past that placed you in a situation that was most unenviable. That this card appearing is either a notification that you were wrong, or that your current position has you eating a fair amount of crow. Be prepared to revisit the situation and clarify your vision on it.

Present Events:

You’re absolutely certain, but you are certainly wrong. Your position on the situation you are currently embroiled in has left you entrenched in an immovable position. It’s time to start listening to those around you, you have blinded yourself to a truth that is evident even to you. Time to accept that fact.

Future Events:

Coming down the path ahead of you is a time when you will be faced with someone who has absolute certainty in their beliefs. It will be difficult to persuade them to open their eyes, to be amicable and willing to work. When they arrive they will be inflexible, and they will be an obstacle you have to surmount. Be warned.

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