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Wheel Of Fortune – Meanings & Interpretation – Major Arcana

Wheel Of Fortune Meaning In A Tarot Reading

Serendipity, the unending grind of the wheel of fate, an awareness of cause and effect. Wheel of Fortune of the Major Arcana represents the power of destiny in your life.

It is merely an acute awareness of the possible ramifications of every move you make. When one is drawn along by the line of fate into a future that seems inexorable, the Wheel of Fortune may be at play.

Read on to learn more about the Wheel of Fortune Rider Waite tarot card and its influence on your life in upright and inverted positions.


Wheel Of Fortune Tarot Card Meanings – Upright


These things are written. These things shall be. The tides of life have come together to create a raging unforgiving torrent in this time of life. Destiny is always mutable, but in this case, the inertia of past events is just too strong to deny. The only choices are to ride the wheel of fate or be crushed beneath its path.

wheel of fortunePast Events:

The events of the past have been ordained. There was a moment when you felt everything was out of your control, and you were right. Everything fell in line as the dominoes set long before it ordained they would.

But control is yours again, and from this point forward, you can change the path you’ve been taking. The freedom, along with the responsibility, is yours.


Present Events:

Does it seem like things are out of your control? They are. Events have been set in motion by your previous actions and those involved in the situation that have set the current situation on a seemingly unalterable path. The path of least resistance is also the path of least damage. Buckle down, throw on a helmet, and take this ride.

Future Events:

Fate is calling. Pay careful attention to the actions you take now. What is coming down the pike is almost entirely set in stone. What few changes can be made can only be made now.

Once the wheel is set in motion, it’s just a matter of waiting it out. Plan and act quickly, and then relax for the ride.


Wheel Of Fortune Tarot Card Meanings – Reversed


Destiny is not the same as giving up. You are completely free to make whatever choices you like at this point, as the future ahead is unwritten. This period represents a time of great responsibility and the necessity for great care. While we always choose to make changes in our lives, this is a period where our changes will have great consequences on that which is to follow.

wheel of fortune reversedPast Events:

You are coming out of a period of power where the choices were all yours. Did you make the right ones? Whatever choices you make will leave an indelible mark on your life from this point forward until such a rare junction comes again. It’s time to figure out how to work with what you’ve got because it’s yours now.


Present Events:

Take care, traveler! You are in a period of great potential. The steps you take from here on out are up to you, and you are free to set your path for the future at this time.

But be aware that this time is precious, and we rarely get it again. Make your choices carefully! They’ll be yours to live with!

Future Events:

Whatever your life may seem like right now, the world will be your oyster in short order. It’s your choice how to prepare it.

Examine your choices carefully, for they will leave an important mark on your future. This most often shows up when you feel stuck in the rut of life with no way out.

Meditation For The Wheel Of Fortune – Upright

This tarot meditation of the Wheel of Fortune card is about the inexorable drive of fate and destiny. All of us come to a point in our lives where our direction seems led by another’s hand. This meditation is going to lead us down the path of predestination and how the path gets laid. It will also touch on the power of Powerlessness.

As you settle in to meditate on this subject, place your clothes and candle in front of you, and lay this Major Arcana card upright. Feel the hand of destiny on you, guiding you into the meditation with the inexorable feeling of supreme powerlessness. Know as you fall into the meditation that no action you take at this time has meaning. The cards are already dealt to the die-cast.

You find yourself upon a hillside, eyes gazing out into the valley ahead. One can hear a low rumbling in the distance, and the sky is a clear crystal blue.

Over the distant horizon, you see the turning of a great wheel. Upon its rim are murals, spelling out a tale. The entire wheel is covered, and the story is complete from beginning to end.

Beginning to End

Within the wheel, you see a group of people. Most of them are whose images are painted on the outside.

They walk within the wheel, assisting it on its unstoppable journey to its inevitable conclusion. They continue walking, working with the wheel as it goes to ease their journey over the rough, uneven territory below.

As it nears, you hear lamentations coming from the direction of the wheel, occasionally with cries of agony. Figures become clear at the base of the wheel.

They are struggling futilely in front of the wheel, attempting to change its course. At best, their work is worthless, changing nothing about the wheel’s path.

Tarot Meditation Techniques For The Wheel of Fortune Upright Card

At worst, they are crushed in the path of the wheels, their cries pained, and then rapidly cut off as the wheel rolls over them.

As you watch the wheel go by, you notice that those within are not walking out of hopelessness but are embracing the power of powerlessness. They know that all that they can do, all that needs to be done, has been done.

They know that the immediate future is in the universe’s hands. There is great freedom in this, as they focus on those things they can change and ignore the things they can’t.

Continue to observe the wheel’s progress and the world about it. Within this realm, you will find the message for you in this tarot meditation of the wheel of fortune.

Write these observations in your journal, paying special note to the tale spelled out on the wheel. Remember, it is important to recognize when the future is laid out and when it’s time to dedicate your energy to working with the universe, not against it.

Meditation For The Wheel Of Fortune – Reversed

This tarot meditation on the Wheel of Fortune card reversed shows what happens when people give in to hopelessness. They start living with the illusion that the future is doomed.

Layout your card on its cloth, the candle at its top. Focus a moment, bringing your mind to bear on futility, the end of all hope, and the weight of the future being an unstoppable force.

As you come into the meditation, you will find yourself sitting on a dock. Seated along the dock are people lamenting the future, staring out at the horizon with fear at the oncoming storm.

Behind them are houses with open doors but no thatch on the roof. But around them lay a healthy supply of dried thatch, ready to be put on in preparation for the storm.

As you walk further on you, see a couple crying over their home that is just starting to burn. A well is situated just off to one side, and it would be an act of simplicity to pull a bucket of water and douse the fire.

Tarot Meditation Techniques For The Wheel of Fortune Reversed Card

This habit follows as you travel on. Some lament the tides of fate when the answer is near at hand with a bit of effort.

When you try to speak to them, to point out the obvious solutions sitting near at hand, they cry that there is no point, all is lost, and that they are the victims of the cruel machinations of destiny.

Some decry their fates as being tied to some karmic debt. Others claim they have many others working against them, and they are all but lost due to their work. You eventually come to a hill overlooking the town.

The illusion of inevitability

You see that all is the same throughout. The hopelessness of the illusion of inevitability has taken hold here, and they have all given up.

Please pay attention to these details as you look over these lost and woe-begotten and know that they have not been victims of fate but their inability to see the solutions before them.

Is there more you can do with your life right now? The solution to your current problems likely lay before you. You just need eyes to see. Record your notes in your journal, and remember that the only one lost is the one who’s stopped trying.

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